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FDM Group Celebrates Girls in ICT Day Around the World

FDM People

From New York to London and Hong Kong to Germany, FDMers around the world celebrated Girls in ICT Day with a Sonic Pi training course for young girls attending local schools. They came into FDM with excitement and an eagerness to learn, and by the end of the day each location hosted a concert featuring music that was coded by these talented individuals. Most importantly, all of the girls who came to FDM Academies for Girls in ICT Day had a wonderful time while learning how to code.

Here’s a recap of the highlights from all of the locations that hosted girls on Girls in ICT Day:

Hong Kong

South Island School students gathered at the Hong Kong Academy for a day packed with music, fun and coding. The students stayed very focused on the project to make their own music, while channelling their creativity. An FDM Consultant came in to tell them about her journey into IT and challenges she’s overcome. They really embraced their time spent learning and will take this newly learnt skill with them in the future.


Frankfurt opened its doors for 10 girls aged 11-15 from various local schools nearby. The girls were so immersed in the Sonic Pi workshop that they wouldn't even take a break until lunchtime. The day closed with the girls playing their very own compositions, while an audience of parents and FDMers listened in surprise to the many different sounds one can create with Sonic Pi .

"It was amazing to see so much curiosity and creativity turn into unique compositions. I really hope the event sparked the girls' interest in technology, and that some of them will continue to learn how to code," said Mona Szyperski, Marketing Executive.


Young girls from Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley in Kent spent the day learning how to code creatively by composing music at our London Academy. The Harris Bromley students who joined us for a day of Sonic Pi had a wonderful time and didn’t want to leave – “Sir, are we coming back to FDM, it’s so cool here!” It was a fantastic workshop and inspired the girls to get creative with their music.

New York

After workshops in time zones around the world, we closed out FDM’ Girls in ICT Day with a group of girls from Leadership and Public Service High School, who came to our Wall Street Academy to expand their knowledge of coding. The girls were taught the basics of Sonic Pi and bonded with one another while doing so. Throughout the day some FDMers even stopped by to give them some insight into their roles and advice for their futures. By the end of the workshop they were able to present their compositions and make some great music.

By inspiring girls to learn about computer science at a young age, we can help shake the stereotypes that STEM jobs are for men. Sonic Pi allowed us to do that in a fun, engaging way. The world needs more days where grownups go out of their way to show young girls how exciting STEM fields can be, and FDM is proud to take the initiative. Girls in ICT Day was truly a remarkable day around the globe!


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