Show your fellow FDMers how much you appreciate them!

FDM’s values are at the core of everything we do. FDM Stars is our way of acknowledging and rewarding the extraordinary achievements of those we work alongside who have gone above and beyond.

By showing us what’s possible and setting the highest standards, FDM Stars make us all proud. Who do you know that deserves this recognition?

How does it work?

Every month any trainee, consultant or other FDM employee can
nominate a colleague or trainee to become an FDM Star.

your FDM Star
your nomination
for the exciting winner

Who should I nominate?

You can nominate anyone who is an internal member of staff, from your direct peers to line managers, FDM consultants and trainees. Senior leaders, such as heads of departments, cannot be nominated as they make up the judging panel.

FDM’s Core Values

The recognition scheme evaluates their performance against five categories,
and shows appreciation to those who exemplify FDM’s values.

We say it
how it is


Committed to
our clients

Sharing the goal
of our clients’

We make it

Leading the way
with a ‘can do’

Together we
are stronger

Celebrating our
diverse and
inclusive culture

We strive for

Pushing boundaries
to exceed

How will winners
be announced?

At the end of each month, winners will be announced on Yammer and in internal emails. Each winner will receive a prize.

This is a great time to send personal congratulations to your fellow FDMers.

Nomination Guidelines

  • All nominees must have clearly demonstrated commitment to FDM’s values, showing evidence of extraordinary application in at least two categories
  • You can only nominate the same person once per quarter
  • Please note, nominations for senior managers are not accepted and the initiative should not be used as a way to say ‘thank you’ to a colleague or a member of your team for fulfilling their usual day-to-day duties.

Once an individual has won, they will not be considered for 6 months to allow for others to receive recognition for their hard work