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FDM Stories: Slavyana Dimitrova

Every year, FDM welcomes thousands of graduates, returners to work and Ex-Forces personnel into our worldwide academies. One of our consultants, Slavyana Dimitrova, joined our London Academy earlier this summer after graduating from the University of Manchester. Slavyana is currently on-site with Credit Agricole and spoke to us about how FDM helped shape her career after university.

I first became interested in banking and finance while working on my final-year business project, which related to the post-financial crisis regulations and legal compliance in the UK banking sector. After graduating, I was interested in roles involving Business Intelligence. I spent a lot of time looking online at training courses and graduate jobs to help me get started in a career in this area, which is how I discovered FDM and immediately applied. I had a change of heart a month later when I was due to attend the assessment centre and decided to follow the Business Analysis training stream instead.

Something that attracted me to FDM, in particular, was how their business model works. The idea of having placements with blue-chip companies over the next two years stood out for me, along with some of FDM’s clients being based internationally. Starting my training straight after university was probably the best call I could’ve made, as I was able to easily bridge my university education and the course syllabus at the FDM London Academy.

I met some fantastic trainees on my course and made some lifelong friends. I still keep in touch with most of them; we have a group chat and often talk about reuniting at the next Summer Consultant Party. I took the time to speak to the Account Managers involved with the sectors and companies I was interested in. Credit Agricole CIB was the second client I interviewed for and I attended three continuous interviews over a month, each serving as a different stage in assessing my suitability.

My current role as an Orchestrade Support Analyst is fairly new amongst the online risk managing and trading platforms out there. It is co-developed with Credit Agricole and is on the rise to become a serious competitor for MUREX. My role is front-office and my team is based on the traders’ floor, meaning it requires lots of communication with the traders and close collaboration with our colleagues in Paris, Hong Kong and New York.

I guess that’s the beauty of how FDM works. Whether it was because of my personal work ethic or relevant background, it was decided I’d be best suited for my current role as an Orchestrade Support Analyst, and I found myself exactly where I wanted to be – working in an investment bank and getting involved in FinTech.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is that there are no two days alike; we have different issues needing assistance every day, requiring flexibility on the go. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to understand how a trade takes place from start to finish; how the information is fed in and modified, how it’s passed on, processed and actively managed throughout the trade lifecycle. Initially, when I joined the company I was just interested in the financial instruments, but now I am getting involved with the pricing and adjustment of trades.

I’m still relatively new to Credit Agricole but I am curious to see where this role takes me. The diverse transition between academics to the corporate world has proven that things tend to change along the way. For now, I plan to remain in banking and pursuing the CFA qualifications once I have some more free time on my hands!

Less than six months after graduating from The University of Manchester, I have been invited back to attend a Finance Infight Conference as a member of the alumni network to give a talk on my career in FinTech. In addition, one of my professors has asked me to present an overview of how economics as a discipline has influenced and benefited me in my career path. It’ll be a moment of immense pride and joy to be on the ‘other side’ of the podium in some of my favourite lecture halls presenting to the next generations of brilliant Manchester graduates.

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