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  • My First Month as an FDM Intern

    Written by Nicole Douglas, Winter Intern | 15 February, 2017My First Month as an FDM Intern

    Hi, I’m Nicole Douglas and I am one month into my winter internship with FDM Group in Toronto. I’m studying Math and Business to earn a Double Degree as part of my co-op program at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, while also spending time working with actual companies.

    Before FDM, I’ve had three previous co-ops at RBC in their Technology Division. Through these experiences I have learned to love IT and am extremely excited that my work at FDM will allow me to help others jumpstart their careers.

    My first few weeks at FDM have been extremely eventful to say the least. I have learned a lot about FDM’s unique business model, as well as the different responsibilities each department holds.

    In my internship, I rotate amongst sales, marketing, recruitment, HR, consultant support and the Academy. This allows me to learn first-hand about different aspects of FDM’s business in Canada. I hope that throughout my four-month stay here I will be able to provide value to each of these areas.

    As I am rotating departments, my day-to-day work can vary greatly. So far, I’ve worked with recruitment researching relevant tech-related clubs at various universities across Ontario.  I build relationships with them to increase FDM’s awareness with university students who are passionate about IT.

    I’ve helped the sales team researching all of FDM’s clients in the UKto find if they have Canadian locations that we can potentially work with.

    In addition, I’ve been assisting with consultant support, planning events, creating content for social media, researching new potential items for career fair giveaways and sitting in on interviews during Interview Day.

    What has stood out to me the most so far is FDM’s business model and internal culture. FDM hires fresh university graduates and veterans who are looking to start their careers in IT but are struggling due to their lack of work experience. This effectively thwarts the “need experience to get experience” paradox that many new grads have difficulty overcoming.

    Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting in on an Excel VBA course; I was very impressed with the positive and open learning environment, as well as with the personalities and work ethics of the Trainers and Trainees. As a university student myself, I see how hard it is for peers to find employment. FDM is that much-needed gateway for students to reach their dream careers in IT.

    On top of its incredible business model, FDM also has a very inclusive and hard-working culture. The people who work here are friendly, diligent, collaborative, welcoming, and always willing to help which has been extremely beneficial to me as I settle in.

    I have many more projects assigned to me for the next three months and I am very excited to work hard to help this remarkable company gain awareness and grow! I will definitely be spreading the word to my friends about this opportunity.

    If you would like to join the FDM team, we’re growing and we’re hiring! Visit our LinkedIn page for the latest opportunities around the globe and become an FDMer today.