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From School to SQL – My Work Experience in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Work Experience

At FDM we understand the importance of equipping students with the skills to enjoy and engage with STEM fields at an early age. We are proud to work with schools throughout the world to cultivate the technologists of tomorrow, supporting our purpose of creating and inspiring exciting careers that shape our digital future. Paul Kim, a student from South Island School in Hong Kong, joined us for a week of work experience in our Hong Kong academy and shared with us his experience.

During my week at FDM in Hong Kong I worked on a Raspberry Pi Sense HAT project, which can detect weather information like temperature and humidity. My task was to collect temperature and humidity data using Python and store it in a database, programmed with SQL. I had never used SQL before, so on my first day I took part in a training session, in order to familiarise myself with how it works and to understand how to create a simple database and tables.

The Raspberry Pi project was very fun and interesting to work on, and I would like to give special thanks to some of the consultants in the pond (Oscar, Krish, Sonia, CL) that helped me throughout. We not only managed to complete the basic task, we also got to programme additional features to the Raspberry Pi, like the LED board and graphs to display data in many different ways. My team and I were elated with our final product.

Working with the team was delightful, they supported me and made me push my thinking further, as well as giving me exercises to work on areas that I wasn't sure of. Problem solving was a struggle for all of us at times, but in the end we succeeded. I had a lot of fun with the people that helped me and it was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have such handy helpers. After this week, I have become more interested in pursuing a career in IT and I think this experience has given me a good start.

Chris Spencer, Hong Kong Lead Trainer, oversaw Paul’s work experience and says “many young people have opportunities to play around with technology at home, however work experience opportunities can show the next generation what a job in IT is really like, for example, how working in a team to solve problems can be fun.  As well as providing a good experience for Paul, this was also excellent experience for our development consultants in mentoring junior team members.”

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