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    Written by Jennifer Holmes, Head of Getting Back to Business Programme | 6 September, 2017Bespoke Training Leading to Successful Placements

    We kick off our Getting Back to Business month today and have been speaking to the Head of programme Jennifer Holmes about supporting individuals who have taken a career break and are now ready to return to the workplace.

    As part of our Women in IT initiative, FDM launched the Getting Back to Business programme in Hong Kong in 2015. Bespoke training led to highly successful placements for our consultants with prestigious clients across a variety of industries; from there, FDM expanded the Getting Back to Business programme to Singapore and then the UK in June 2016. In the year since its inception, we have helped more than 40 men and women return to the workplace and restart their careers. Our consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds, having taken career breaks for many different reasons but all with a shared desire to re-join the workforce and build successful new careers in IT.

    Initially implemented from our London academy, UK Getting Back to Business training now also takes place in Glasgow with the first cohort having recently finished training. We hope this expansion will allow us to help even more people regain their confidence, gain new certifications and undertake training and ultimately be placed as an FDM Consultant with one of our blue-chip clients.

    In recent years, there have been a number of improvements aimed at helping individuals to return to the workplace following their career break; nevertheless, more still needs to be done by both employers and government. Increasing the number of returners can help tackle some of issues faced by the wider economy including the gender and digital skills gaps.

    The outflow of men and women from the workplace for reasons ranging from caring responsibilities to travelling the world creates a void of both skill and expertise from the more senior positions. Our training programme helps individuals regain their confidence, brush up their skills and knowledge to return to these positions; it aims to legitimise the career break!

    Until more employers and hiring managers are willing to see beyond the gaps on CVs and become aware of the wealth of skill, expertise and talent on offer by returners, returners programmes such as FDM’s Getting Back to Business will be only scratch the surface of the gender and digital skills shortage issue.

    Keep an eye on FDM blog and social media feeds in the upcoming weeks for tips on returning from some of our successful Getting Back to Business Consultants and hear their personal story.