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Goodbye from FDM Canada’s interns

Malcolm and Shahzad - FDM

With the final week for our Toronto Interns approaching, we caught up with Shahzad and Malcolm to find out about their experiences working for FDM.

Shahzad Rashid - FDMShahzad Rashid, Marketing Intern

Having the opportunity to join FDM as a Marketing Intern has been one of my greatest experiences. Studying marketing at Ryerson University helped align this internship with my goal to gain real experience in the industry. I had the opportunity to work with FDM’s global marketing team on a variety of different projects and tasks, including conducting market research to analyzing data from Salesforce to create reports and case studies based upon the various technologies used by our clients. Additionally, I worked on blog writing and event management, ranging from small bi-weekly events to assisting with our summer consultant party.These projects and tasks helped me develop my personal and professional skills. I adapted to be able to work under pressure and handle deadlines. The biggest advice I would give to students looking to optimise their internships is to remember to take initiative. Use any extra time at work to take on new and important tasks. You will not only be appreciated, but remembered. Additionally, use all of the resources around you. Be sure to ask questions to make sure you understand all projects assigned. Do not hesitate to approach your manager as they are there to work with you and help you succeed.

This was my first internship and the experience has been an unforgettable one. I felt appreciated as I was able to see that the work I did had impacts on key parts of the business. FDM’s culture is inclusive and energetic, which pushed me to work hard every day. My favorite memory was the Toronto Consultant party. The time and energy that goes into planning an event of this magnitude and being part of the marketing team made me appreciate all the effort that was put in, and I was able to assist in running the event to ensure everything went smoothly. It has definitely been a one-of-a-kind experience for me.


Malcolm McDermid, Data Analyst Intern

I grew up in New York before moving to Toronto to study Economics at University of Toronto. Joining FDM as a Data Analyst Intern has been the perfect way to enhance my experience in a new city. This internship exceeded all of my expectations, and my role related to my field of interest. I was able to see how the company performs and how decisions that affect all aspects of the company are made. It also provided me with an opportunity to grow myself professionally as it was my first time working in a corporate environment. I spent a lot of time daily using Salesforce and Excel in order to run reports to help track the performance of the business. These reports allow for better decision-making for various teams around the office and reveal potential ways to improve. It was a very collaborative role, and I spent a lot of time working with departments ranging from Recruitment to Consultant Support to Sales. A major project I worked on included creating multiple reports for our university partners that were sent to their career services departments. It was a great feeling knowing that what I was doing had a meaningful impact on the people I was helping and the organization as a whole. I also had the opportunity to attend an Excel training class here at FDM, where I was able to learn new tools and skills.

The culture at FDM is welcoming and friendly. The office has a hard working vibe, which motivated me to grow continuously.  Through my internship, I have had the opportunity to get to know everyone in the office through events and socials. The best FDM moment for me was going to an escape room with my team, which was a great team bonding experience and a good way to relieve some stress. A piece of advice I would give to someone who is just starting their internship is to understand that there is time to ease into the flow of things, and that your manager will work with you to ensure you have a successful experience.


Interested in jump-starting your career with an internship at FDM? Opportunities for summer internships will be posted here in 2019.


Name cards - FDM


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