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    Written by Liam Vance | 22 December, 2016My Industrial Placement in Leeds

    My name is Liam Vance and I am third‑year student studying Marketing at Leeds Beckett University. I am currently three months into my yearlong industrial placement at FDM Leeds, working as a Recruitment, Events and Marketing Assistant. I created this blog not only to give an insight into the kind of work I have been doing but also to highlight the skills I have learned from my time at FDM.

    On my first morning, I was nervous to say the least but the welcome that I received was fantastic. I soon felt as though I fitted in and cannot express enough gratitude to those who made starting my new job as easy as it was! My first week was spent taking over tasks, understanding the various parts of the business and introducing myself to as many people as possible. From then on, it feels as though I have done everything from creating advertisement content to presenting awards at an FDM golf event!

    One of my most interesting tasks was facilitating assessment centres as it gave me a huge insight into what employers look for in a candidate. It was also strange to be the one running the session, not taking part in it, which will undoubtedly stand me in good stead for future interviews and has made me comfortable leading large groups. I’ve also been involved with countless events such as careers fairs and employability workshops. The best thing about these was that I got to travel all around the UK and build bonds, not only with the students, but with the university careers faculties. The advantage of this is that, as a team, we can tailor the work we do with universities in order to offer the best possible service to graduates and attract the right type of candidates for FDM.

    A large project I have been working on has been to gather information for the university end‑of‑year report. This includes collating success stories from Consultants who have completed the programme and are now on-site with clients. I have been involved with everything from the design of the template to the completion of the final documents for over a hundred universities. It’s been a lengthy process but will be rewarding to see something I have personally been working on used throughout the UK to improve the relationships of FDM and universities.

    In a mere three months, I am amazed at how much I have learned and have no doubts that my experience at FDM will support me in my future career. There have, of course, been some stressful times but, 105 days and 10000 tea bags later, I can safely say that FDM is a fantastic company to work for.