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‘Leap of Faith’ Taken by Joshua After Leaving the Forces

Joshua Mountney - FDM

Joshua Mountney joined our Ex-Forces Programme and this March he prepares for his first placement on site as an FDM Consultant. After he completes training he will begin his role as a project manager. Josh has a very interesting story and joined us for a Q&A about his latest experience.

Why did you choose to join FDM?

I chose FDM because I love what they offer! Leaving the Forces can be a stressful time for any service man or woman. FDM offers the perfect bridge to the other side, and the perfect platform to then launch your career within the IT industry. The Ex-Forces recruiters were all in our position and understand the challenges we face and how stressful it can be. FDM gave me the opportunity to start a career in a sector that I have a huge interest in, whilst utilising the skills I had gained throughout my career in the Army.

What challenges did you face when looking for a job and how did FDM help to bridge that gap?

The uncertainty and the feeling of being alone when you leave is enough to make anyone think twice about taking the “leap of faith”. That, whilst trying to understand how I could translate my experiences and qualifications into something that the industry would find appealing were the biggest fear factors for me. I left the forces hoping for stability and a prospect outside of the army and FDM have given me all of this and more.

What was the most valuable thing you learned during training?

That as Ex-Forces I have something unique to offer. Employers are really beginning to understand and appreciate just how much service personnel can bring to the table. The FDM team have taught me to value myself. The industry insight they have given me coupled with the all the relevant training has prepared me and left me feeling very confident about my future.

What makes FDM a unique place to work?

The support I have received is second to none. The working/learning environment is fun, inclusive and friendly. You are treated as you would want to be treated and working with like-minded and passionate individuals makes FDM an all-round fantastic place to work.

What’s one of the most career-defining things you’ve learned from FDM?

That if you’re willing to work hard and put the effort in you are more than capable of achieving that career change. The “leap of Faith” was worth it!

What are your plans for the future?

I have now been placed as an Ex-Forces PMO consultant at Aberdeen Standard Investments and I am looking forward to a fulfilling and enjoyable career with them. My future is looking exciting thanks in no small part to the opportunity from FDM and the Ex-forces team!

Josh is proud of his military service and is honoured to represent it with FDM consultants. Apply today and be one step closer to your dream career.

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