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Love Story within FDM

Kirsty and James - FDM

With Valentine’s Day this week, we have had a chat with our very own lovebirds James and Kirsty, two FDM consultants who met for the first time on their Assessment Day in the Glasgow academy.

Tell us a bit about yourselves.

James; we are both working as Software Developers.  After completing the FDM training at the end of 2016, I joined FDM internally as a Software Development Trainer in the Glasgow centre and Kirsty went off to work on client site in Livingston. Today, a year and a bit later, we are both placed on client site. I work for Aberdeen Standard Investments and Kirsty works for Sky.

We came from very different backgrounds before joining FDM, I spent nine years in the Navy in the submarine service as a Tactical Warfare Specialist and so I joined FDM on the Ex-Forces Programme. Kirsty had just graduated that year with a degree in Neuroscience from The University of Glasgow, so joined FDM through the Graduate Programme.

How and where did you both meet?

James; We met for the first time during our assessment centre; I was very excited to be pursuing a career outside of the military and Kirsty just remembers me constantly talking super enthusiastically at her! After we both passed the assessment day and started on the software development stream on the same day, we started spending quite a lot of time together.

What was it like being in the academy together?

Kirsty; Awesome, James was super friendly and helpful. His laugh automatically made any day better. I thoroughly enjoyed flirting with him over a bottle of wine on Friday evenings (even though it took him 4 months to notice!)

Tell us about your favourite memory together.

Kirsty;  My favourite memory has to be on the first day of our holiday in Rome. It poured it down with rain. We were hopping around Rome on the metro, trying to find somewhere for shelter and stumbled upon The Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, a beautiful building filled with spectacular pieces of art and sculptures. We wondered into what on the surface seemed like a huge, dull–lit, empty room. However, when we looked up there was a beautiful fresco (Triumph of Divine Providence by Pietro da Cortona). Soaking wet, we just lay on the floor, held hands and took in this miraculous painting. This will always be my happy place.

“They say opposites attract. Do you have similar or opposing interests?”

James; A little of both! Kirsty is incredibly positive about everything in life, enjoys yoga and generally brings me down to earth. Her latest challenge is to use yoga to  stretch my body  out after years cooped up in a submarine. I’m more pragmatic and will spend most of my time making sure we’re not spending all of our savings on chocolate,cake and candles.

Are you interested in training for a career in IT or business intelligence? You can do so on our award-winning Graduate Programme, Ex-Forces Careers Programme or Getting Back to Business Programme.


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