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Meet FDM Singapore’s First Internal Staff Member

Sophia Lin - FDM

Sophia Lin was FDM’s first internal staff member to join our team in Singapore when the centre opened in January 2015. Since then, FDM has started over 180 careers to date in the region and are officially opening a brand new centre on Wednesday 20th September. Sophia, now the Singapore Country Manager tells us about her career journey and the development of FDM in Singapore.

I joined FDM five years ago in the old London office on King William Street as part of the Graduate Recruitment team, responsible for all APAC recruitment. This involved working closely with the APAC team in Hong Kong to find suitable candidates in the UK to represent FDM on our client sites in Hong Kong, Singapore and mainland China. When I first joined FDM, we only had 10 consultants across the APAC region. The team was also very small — other than myself, there were only three account managers based in Hong Kong at the time.

I have always been interested in working and living in Asia and one of the main reasons I joined FDM was to experience the global opportunities that they offered. Due to the rapid growth and expansion of FDM in APAC, I was given the opportunity to relocate to Singapore at the end of 2014 to set up the local office and academy. Up until that point, our regional APAC operations were primarily based in Hong Kong, with no physical presence in Singapore. When I arrived, my first task was to build the relationships with local Singaporean universities and identify new channels for campus recruitment in order to grow the FDM brand. Once the recruitment team was up and running, I progressed into an account management role, managing the existing relationships between FDM and key clients as well as generating new business to grow our client portfolio.

Over the past five years, we have launched the careers of over 180 consultants in Singapore. The growth has been phenomenal — 277% to be precise! It is not just our consultant community which has strengthened; FDM Singapore has expanded from me working out of my studio apartment to a team of 11 staff members and a new 4,000 sq. ft. centre in South Beach Tower.

The biggest challenge was moving from the London centre, where FDM is more established, to Singapore, where I was working from home and didn’t quite have the same support network that I had back in London. Especially with the time difference, working with colleagues in the UK and US was challenging. The most rewarding aspect is definitely being part of the Singapore operation’s growth year after year. 2017 has been a milestone year for me, as we move into our brand new FDM centre and have surpassed 100 consultants on client site! It is also extremely rewarding to witness just how much our ‘pioneer’ Singapore consultants have achieved. With more graduates joining every year, it has really created an exciting and vibrant community, both socially and professionally.

Our next goal is to continue this growth and reach 500 consultants on-site in APAC in the next few years. I aspire for FDM to become the leading graduate employer in Singapore whilst also diversifying our client base into other industries.

If you are interested in joining FDM’s Graduate Programme in Singapore, please click here.

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