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Meet the Glasgow Account Managers

Over the last 27 years, FDM has gone from strength to strength, employing more business and technology trainees each year. Once their training is complete, it is up to the account management team to place each talented individual with our clients. Every Tuesday, we will be presenting the faces behind each centre’s account team, starting with Glasgow.

Account Management Team


Daniel Scully – Regional Sales Manager

How long have you been with FDM? Four years in October.
I have many great memories of my time with FDM, but one of the best has to be Walking with the Wounded each year, which is a charity event in Ambleside. It’s a great event that brings out the best of the office, shows the spirit of FDM as a great place to work, as well as the various characters we have across the business. If you have not already come to visit us in Scotland, we are a very friendly (and professional) bunch, and are very proud of our office.

Best advice for trainees: Keep your mind open, give it your all, be positive and make the most of the opportunity.

Andrew MacArthur – Senior Account Manager

How long have you been with FDM? Three years at the end of September.

My favourite part of my job has to be seeing trainees succeed at different stages of their career with FDM, whether it’s securing a role, gaining more responsibility on-site, being promoted or accepting a permanent role with a client. The most challenging part of my job is giving bad news to consultants, like if they’ve been unsuccessful in an interview. I’d advise all trainees to keep an open mind and to be open to new experiences.

Favourite memory at FDM: Seeing one of our consultant’s placed with a new client after they hadn’t had confidence in their face-to-face interview. The head of the department was open to giving them a chance, and invited them to spend some time with the team. The consultant secured a role based on this.

Samantha Hamilton – Account Manager

How long have you been with FDM? One year.

Outside of work I like to explore the beauty of Scotland, after spending four years in Australia I learned to appreciate the true beauty of my homeland! I really enjoy building relationships with consultants who are grateful to interview with our clients. Helping them secure a position and seeing that they are genuinely over the moon is the most rewarding experience of the role. When a consultant you have a close relationship with is unsuccessful in an interview, it can hit you quite personally. We move on by working together on client feedback, and look to find a position that is more suited to their personal attributes and skill set.

Best advice for trainees: Be yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Give the role 100% and even though it may take time to become great at what you do, remember to always remain positive.

Robbie Cuthbert – Account Manager

How long have you been with FDM? Since June 2017, just over one year.

My role sees me focusing on the public sector business in Scotland. I really enjoy working with our clients and helping to support them in overcoming their resourcing challenges. I also enjoy preparing our trainees to the highest possible standard prior to their placement. I can take it quite personally when working with a trainee who is unsuccessful in gaining a position, but the best advice is to talk to trainers and account managers who are here to help trainees improve on their next interview or placement.

Favourite hobby outside of work: I’m a huge sports fan – I played football up until two years ago, I then turned into a bit of a rugby and golf fan.

Neil MacLeod – Sales Analyst

How long have you been with FDM? I originally joined as a trainee but I have been employed internally for four months.

Being the only sales analyst in the Glasgow office has allowed me to improve my independent working. If I am ever unsure about something, or trying to understand something challenging, the account management team are always on hand to help. In addition to this, I have formed close relationships with the analysts in London, who I can ask for advice with some of the more technical aspects of the role. I am enjoying my time working internally, but I am also looking forward to going out on-site.

Favourite FDM memory: The Hamilton Races was a fun day out. It’s not often you can enjoy the sunshine in Glasgow and it was great to get dressed up and get out of the office with everyone.

Kick-start your career in Glasgow with FDM Group today.

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