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Meet the NY Account Managers

View of Manhattan skyline against a grey sky.

Our Account Managers are a crucial part of FDM’s success — between working tirelessly to place our skilled consultants in the proper role, and managing relationships between our long list of clients, FDM Account Managers work hard to bring people and technology together each day. Meet our New York team below.


Elim Oghabir

  • Hometown: Kearny, NJ
  • Favourite memory with the team: The night of the Annual Consultant Party. We all went to The Copacabana in Times Square where we were able to interact outside of our usual office elements.

I have just joined the sales team officially, after being in recruitment for six months. I’m excited to see where my career advances to within the next few months. When picking candidates to go on-site with our clients I really look for those who portray the FDM values. Our values are ambition, collaboration, energy, professionalism, inclusivity and growth. Each one of those traits is a valuable characteristic that could help aide in the success of launching their careers.

What really sets the FDM sales team apart from other companies is the fact that our goal is to ensure success for our consultants. The account managers at FDM really work hard to guarantee comfort and pave the way to brighter futures.

  • Take it from me…: Take the time to settle into your new city.  Find your new hangout places and be adventurous. Try to network and get connected with other FDMers in your new area so that you have some friends to hang out with. Whether you work for the same company or not, every relationship you build can always be an important one.


Gabrielle DiDomenico - FDM

Gabrielle DiDomenico

  • Hometown: Staten Island, NY
  • Loves: Any movie featuring Will Ferrell

I look for candidates who display a passion for the role and are continually engaged in the training. The individuals who sticks out are the one who receive positive feedback from trainers and have shown an aptitude to learn since day one. Our sales team has one goal in mind, to place consultants and launch careers, and collectively we put that goal on-top of our own personal goals.

  • Take it from me…: First impressions are everything. Always be the best version of yourself. You never know how the people you meet can affect you in your career down the road.


Pippa Susskind - FDM

Pippa Susskind

  • Hometown: Brighton, England
  • Loves: Horse riding, spin classes with upbeat dance music and a large glass of wine (preferably Sancerre) on a Friday night.

I look for enthusiastic, flexible, hardworking and quick learners with a solid technical ability when working on placing consultants with FDM clients. Success comes when one is prepared to learn a lot with FDM, and the high-energy account managers help make this possible. The management of our team is what really sets us apart, as well as the fact that we are so passionate about helping people launch their careers, and we do so collaboratively. We’ve also built a very open and accommodating environment within the sales team, but we are close knit at the same time.

  • Take it from me…: Always take a notebook and pen to your meetings.


Cody Herr - FDM

Cody Herr

  • Hometown: Southbury, CT
  • Loves: To travel. If you know me at all you’ll know that I literally do it every weekend. From short trips to New England and the Rockies, to longer trips abroad learning about new culture and language. I learned to speak Spanish while living in Spain for 1.5 years and even ran with the bulls in Pamplona.

A candidate does not need to have a 4.0 GPA or previous experience in a skill or product, and can still get the offer by being enthusiastic. It’s not about jumping out of your seat during the interview or following up with a thank you right away; being adventurous can be a shade of enthusiasm as well—someone who’s not afraid to take a chance by being open and willing to try. It’s contagious, and can win an interviewer/manager over at the first interaction. Our versatility makes us strong—we have to change accounts and regions very frequently and are constantly adapting our pitch, etc. It makes for a different day every day.

One thing people should know about the account managers is that our ultimate goal and satisfaction is achieved through watching a candidate go through the 2-year process with FDM. From academy interviews to onboarding to conversion to FTE, we enjoy seeing a consultant succeed and go on to bigger things. I love that between long-standing inside jokes and open office banter, we have a great time on any occasion after work hours as a team.

  • Take it from me…: Be open to everything – that sounds like your standard advice, and I’m not saying say ‘yes’ to everything, but try new things. Casually talk to someone you don’t know, ask questions and make connections. It’s cliché but true – once you’ve graduated it’s not what you know, it’s who.


Tom Monagle - FDM

Tom Monagle

  • Hometown: Langhorne, PA—about 40 minutes outside of Philadelphia
  • Favourite memory with the team: The annual employee party and golf day always make for an exciting time of the year.

I look for candidates who exude positive energy, are willing to step outside of their comfort zone for different types of opportunities and who show a desire to continuously learn. At FDM, I believe our competitiveness sets us apart from others. We strive for greatness in a competitive industry and have had significant growth over the past few years. If you are looking to enter a role in account management, you need to be ready to put the work in and be patient. Sales is a long game and if you have a mentality that you will somehow get rich quick, you will quickly learn it’s not that easy and you need to set your expectations accordingly.

  • Take it from me…: The ultimate key is self-awareness. Candidates need to understand that they will be working at large organizations, will face challenges and that they won’t be able to solve every issue the come across immediately…and that is OK. They need to focus on putting their best foot forward and quickly learn how they can add value to their team based on the skills you have to offer. It is also important to make sure they learn from their teammates and individuals that have been working in the organization for a long time. They have invaluable knowledge that can help navigate through complicated environments.


Tristan Coe - FDM

Tristan Coe

  • Hometown: Morden, South London
  • Favourite memory with the team: This year’s Reston boat party.

A confident personality, attention to detail and the ability to learn quickly is what I look for personally when placing a candidate with our clients. We always try our best to find the right role for all of our trainees. This process can take some time, but bearing with us and trusting in the model can open all sorts of doors. For me, working with my fellow account managers is the best part of the job, as the people here are great fun and a pleasure to work with. My team is supportive and are always willing to providing insight and assistance in closing that next deal.

  • Take it from me…: Keep your head down, be yourself and prepare to be taken out of your comfort zone.


Matthew Klareich - FDM

Matt Klareich

  • Hometown: Great Neck, NY
  • Loves: The movie Goodfellas, a hearty chicken parmesan sandwich and watching my favourite teams like the Knicks and the Jets play.

At FDM, communication is key, especially when placing a candidate with a client. Of course, the tech capabilities need to be there, but good communication skills really makes a candidate stand out. This crucial skill is definitely present within our team of account managers as well.

Our solid banter and dynamic team environment makes us uniquely successful—whether we’re closing deals or participating in the Sales Trivia game. We always look to bring people and technology together in a way that is the best fit for both the client and the candidate. 

  • Take it from me…: Always be willing to learn new tasks and take on a new responsibilities (even if you think it’s out of your remit or comfort zone), you never know when a new skill set will help you or where it can help grow your career.


Allyson Drake - FDM

Allyson Drake

  • Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ…but I’m originally from Ottowa, Ontario
  • Loves: My favorite season, fall, which is right around the corner.

I joined the sales team in July of 2018, in order to assist with providing research and insight in support of the account managers. To me, FDM’s unique business structure is the main aspect of the company that sets it apart from all others in the Recruit, Train, Deploy field. The incredible dynamic between coworkers in all departments makes it a wonderful place to work. I got to witness this at the August Summer Consultant Party, where even though I was fairly new, I made so many friends across departments and felt that I fit right in. I’m hoping to accomplish my goal of combining my already acquired research and analytical skillset with what I am learning at FDM to help reach my fullest potential within my role.

Featured image credit: Photo by Oliver Niblett on Unsplash

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