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Meet the Singapore Recruitment Team

View of Singapore skyline and its surrounding body of water at sunset.

Continuing our theme introducing our recruitment teams around the world every Tuesday, we find ourselves today in Singapore where we meet two recruiters; Wenting and Pamela.

Wenting He

We look for candidates who have a real passion for the IT/Fintech industry. It is always nice to see people who have a clear career direction and understand how FDM can help them achieve their goals. Regardless of which pathway a candidate applies to, we look for people who have good communication and interpersonal skills, are able to adapt quickly to new environments and who are eager to learn new technologies. I love the fresh and exciting experience this role gives me, along with the flexibility and trust given by the team. I am very grateful to have such a great recruitment teammate who gives me lots of support and help. The recruitment team is ambitious to promote IT careers among fresh graduates and bring the best candidates to FDM.

About me

I’m originally from Sichuan, China which is famous for its spicy food. I enjoy eating steamboat (which is like a Chinese hot pot) with friends—they all like spicy food, I don’t think it’s a coincidence! I like going out with the team for food after work, there is always so much laughter and it’s a great feeling when your colleagues become your friends.

My best advice for graduates?

Attitude matters most. Treat every interview seriously and do your homework. It’s normal to apply for multiple roles. However, when one interview opportunity comes, you should treat it as your ONLY one. Don’t give generic expected answers, try to link up what the company is looking for with your personal traits and experiences. Every candidate should be unique.

Pamela - FDMPamela Chua

Our recruitment team is passionate about helping candidates kick start their career in IT and that is what sets us apart. We like to find out what motivates people, where their interest in IT has come from and how FDM aligns with their career goals. We strongly believe in bringing out the best of each individual. I like candidates with a positive attitude and I think it’s important for candidates to demonstrate the right mindset to strive for excellence. It is also important for candidates to show that they are self-driven individuals who seek growth.

About me

I love swimming, sand, the sea and sunshine. I really enjoy going out for dinner and I have very fiery preferences which include mala steamboat and spicy food. A fun fact about me? I was born a triplet!

My best advice for graduates?

Our recruitment team strongly believes in recruiting talents that show a genuine interest in becoming part of the FDM family and embody the FDM values. We want candidates to ask about the company and about the career opportunities so they can find out if FDM is the right place for them.


Learn more about FDM Group’s Graduate Programme in Singapore and Apply now!

Featured image credit: Photo by Swapnil Bapat on Unsplash 

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