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I am Molema, I am a DevOps engineer, I am FDM

My name is Molema Lema and I joined the FDM Java Developer Stream in 2012. I worked for three years at British Airways as a front-end developer and I am currently working as a DevOps engineer for the Department for Work and Pensions.

In my role at DWP, I am working on a project which consists of fixing, maintaining and improving an application used by over 30,000 people across the Jobcentre Plus network in United Kingdom. My team deals with any requested changes to this application.

My team can be divided in four main groups; the managers, the developers, the testers and the DevOps. The DevOps team builds the actual application/environment on which the changes will be developed by the developer, tested by the tester and sign off by the managers.

What is DevOps?

You will find a lot of complicated definitions about “What is DevOps?” but my definition is that DevOps is the capacity for a team to be able to build, destroy and rebuild an environment when they need, the way they need and as many times as they need - a sort of “Build as you go” system.

It is very critical to have DevOps capabilities for any IT projects as it allows you to:

  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to make and deliver a change by creating our own environment instead of waiting for weeks for another team to do it.
  • Provide better product quality. By automating some tasks there less human errors, such as doing syntax error or forgetting to do an important step in the deployment.
  • Improve stakeholder’s satisfaction by delivering faster and maintaining a high quality.

During my first year at DWP, I have learned a lot and definitely taken my technical skill set to another level. Because DevOps is still new for most people, I work on tasks that have never been done before such as automating the deployment for a specific part of our application or moving the entire application to another cloud provider. My team has reduced the time it takes to create a new environment from over a month to only six hours. The results and impact of the work you do can be seen straight away and this is one of the biggest reasons I love my job.

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Updated 28 March, 2017

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