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My 12 months with FDM…

Emily Stretton - FDM

Emily Stretton joined FDM in August 2017 as a Marketing, Recruitment and Events assistant based in the Leeds office. As her placement comes towards an end she reflects on how her time with FDM has changed her career aspirations, developed her strengths and allowed her to overcome challenges.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I grew up in Leicestershire before moving to Sheffield to study business at Sheffield Hallam University. I chose to undertake a placement year to gain commercial experience in a corporate environment and I am so glad I did it.

What have been your highs during your placement?

One of the highs during my placement was taking over the role as the UK marketing assistant for a short period of time. I really enjoyed picking up marketing assistant responsibilities, it was really nice to know I was trusted to do this and that I had made an impact on the team to be able to take on this new role. I stopped feeling like I was a placement student and more like a valuable member of the team. I always felt that my opinions were taken into consideration. I have contributed to campaigns and marketing activities such as outdoor advertising in Leeds and Glasgow - it’s a good feeling when you see your work displayed on a big screen!

Did you start the placement with any goals?

I started my placement with an open mind, I wanted to gain as much experience in as many different areas as possible before returning to university. I worked in multiple different departments, predominantly marketing, however, I gained further experience in recruitment; from attracting candidates at careers fairs to bringing them through the application process and coordinating assessment centres. I also assisted with events by helping to run client golf days, consultant parties and launches of the Getting Back to Business programme.

Has your placement changed how you’ll do things at university?

Now that I have completed my placement year I think I will see my time at university differently. I was always academically minded and a hard worker, but my time with FDM has really solidified what I would like to do in the future. I am more determined than ever to finish my degree and I work in a field which I really enjoy.

Have your career aspirations changed since starting your placement?

When I joined FDM I was unsure of what field I wanted to work in. My favourite university modules were always marketing related as I really enjoyed the theory, however, I didn’t really know how a marketing team operated. Being given the opportunity to work so closely with a global team has allowed me to get involved with activities such as staff newsletters, brochures, flyers and merchandise. My placement has confirmed the career path I wish to take in the future.

What advice do you have for future placement students?

Take every opportunity available to you and make it known to your colleagues you want to help and support them. I managed to get involved in really interesting and high profile projects as I sought after those opportunities.

If you are interested in gaining valuable work experience at FDM, applications are now open for next year’s 12-month sandwich placement.

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