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My Co-op Experience at FDM

Hi! My name is Tauras and for the past four months I’ve been working as the Marketing Intern for the Canadian marketing team at FDM Group.

Now where to begin?

It’s hard to summarise my first co-op experience. The wealth of knowledge and support I have received from the Canadian staff has proven invaluable. From learning skills of how to work in a professional environment to tackling courses in the FDM Academy, this experience has enabled me to develop my abilities and explore various aspects of marketing that peak my interest.

One of the coolest elements of my internship was being able to work closely alongside FDMers from around the world. I had the opportunity to work on several projects with members of FDM’s digital marketing team stationed from New York to Scotland. Many of my tasks were specifically related to digital marketing, more specifically FDM’s website, and I felt my organisational skills were utilised and creative ideas were heard. Always friendly and open to my frequent questions, my coworkers across the globe helped make this experience special for a student from an International Business background such as myself.

One aspect of my internship that surprised me was the opportunity to hone my writing skills. I had the ability to explore and compose interesting blog posts around various topics relating to the tech industry, including ways that technological innovation has impacted music and how algorithms have changed the way we live. This experience opened my eyes to just how integral technology has become to the working world.

Sitting in on weekly global meetings allowed me to witness how a marketing team develops strategies. It was especially interesting to see how the team utilised each other’s strengths to complete objectives, and this developed my understanding of how global organisations function.

I was even able to help the Canadian team host various events, ranging from Quarterly Business Meetings to empowering Women in IT panels, and captured these events through photography. These moments were shared across FDM’s social media channels and internal communications.

What an experience these four months have been! I feel truly fortunate that the Canadian marketing team gave me the opportunity to work for such an established organisation, and that FDM staff made the atmosphere a pleasant one. I feel more confident in my abilities than ever and am prepared to take on new challenges.

Ačiū (thank you) FDM for the wonderful experience!


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