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    Written by Gavin Robson, Marketing, Recruitment and Events Assistant | 12 December, 2016My Industrial Placement in Marketing, Recruitment and Events

    Hi, I’m Gavin Robson; I’m a penultimate year business student at Glasgow Caledonian University studying Business Management and am currently undertaking an industrial placement year with FDM.  I work as the Marketing, Recruitment and Events Assistant in the Glasgow office. I have just completed the first three months of my placement and this blog should give you an insight into my ongoing experience with FDM.

    It took time for my work load to gather, but I am now occupied with a wide variety of tasks which range from small everyday tasks to facilitating assessment centres and much more.  I now feel as if there aren’t enough hours on the clock. Below I have listed the projects and tasks I currently undertake or am currently working on;

    • Facilitating assessment centres in Glasgow. This involves; arranging interviews, tests, manging results and releasing results data to the recruitment team.
    • Guiding graduates through the graduate programmes recruitment process; making an initial pre-screening call which will progress to a video interview if successful. I would then invite successful candidates to an assessment centre and later book start dates, again if successful.
    • University and events case study project. This is a large project that involves numerous case studies and information that will be presented to universities along with statistics that directly relate to the universities.
    • Attending graduate and career fairs.
    • Marketing activity including writing and editing blogs, managing job boards and helping with events.

    Therefore, as you can see I am not short of work at all. I am consistently learning and developing through the coaching and support from staff. The support I have received has improved the development of my skills and has further led to greater responsibility as I’ve became more trusted and capable of more strenuous work.

    gavins-1st-flightAt this point, I don’t have a specific favourite moment, as I’m enjoying most aspects of the placement. However, I’m thoroughly looking forward to the remainder of my industrial placement, as I’m keen to find out what the rest of this year has instore for me and furtherly what will happen at the end of it.

    I strongly encourage you to seek and pursue an industrial placement as it’s very beneficial to both your professional development and employability. Consequently, there are numerous industrial placement opportunities out there, but many of them won’t offer you the experiences and responsibility you desire or crave in order to grow. I can hand on heart say that FDM does offer you these experiences and responsibility; come on I went on my first flight with FDM!