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4 Ways to ensure your business is risk compliant

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Balancing act: finding the missing 10% and 34% in tech

The digital skills shortage remains an unresolved and key topic in the UK, and I…

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17 key skills for software testing

Software testing is a versatile role that requires a wide range of key software testing…

Insights for Organisations Artificial Intelligence

Can we harness AI’s potential while ensuring control?

Is AI a threat to humanity? This is the third question that shows up in…

Returner to Work Career Advice

Career break guide: definition, reasons and tips

An increasing number of people are choosing to take a career break. In the UK…

Career Advice Apprenticeship

5 top apprenticeship interview questions (and answers)

Apprenticeships are a great way to boost your academic learning with real-world work experience. The…

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Top 10 applications of AI in the energy sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the energy sector, revolutionising how power is generated, distributed, and…

Returner to Work Ex-Forces Career Advice

13 advanced Excel skills for business

Many entry-level roles today require a proficiency in Excel with the skills to navigate spreadsheets,…

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Dumping discrimination: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion are still an afterthought 

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11 top tips for managing Gen Z employees

As an increasing number of Gen Z individuals enter the workforce, it’s imperative that managers…