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Our first few months at FDM…

Rebecca and Emily - FDM

Emily Stretton and Rebecca Perry are both on a one-year placement with FDM, working as Recruitment, Marketing and Events assistants in Leeds and Glasgow. They may have the same job title but their experiences are slightly different. Read further to find out why:


Tell us about yourself…


My name is Emily Stretton; I am a 21-year-old student, studying Business Studies at Sheffield Hallam University. I chose to study Business because I wanted to gain a broader understanding of the field before focusing on a specific area. I am currently working in the Leeds office.

When I am not at work, I really enjoy spending time with my family as I live away from home. Also, I love to travel and visit new cities to sightsee and try out the local cuisine. I plan to go travelling once I have completed my final year in 2019.


I am Rebecca Perry, a 21-year-old Maltese, Edinburgh Napier University student, studying International Business Management. I chose to study International Business as working with people and clients was always something I enjoyed doing and felt that was where my strengths lie.

Outside of work I am very passionate about travelling and learning about new cultures, the wonders of the world and participating in voluntary work. I am a keen scuba diver and swim teacher who is always up for an adventure.


What is your role?


I work closely with the University Partnerships Team in Leeds. There are five of us who attend careers fairs, workshops and university society events across the North of England. Visiting different universities has been a valuable experience, especially being a student as it has given me the chance to meet employers and see what type of graduates they are looking for.

I particularly love the marketing aspect of my role. My responsibilities consist of designing job advert material as well as targeted emails. I am currently working on specific advertising for Leeds and Glasgow to increase FDM’s brand awareness.

I have just started working in graduate recruitment and although I am still getting to grips with the role, I am enjoying talking to graduates and helping them through the recruitment process.


I work closely with the recruitment team in Glasgow. As the assessment day co-ordinator I am responsible for making sure the day runs smoothly, from the Academy tour to candidate interviews and presentations. I am also directly involved in graduate recruitment at FDM which I thoroughly enjoy as I get to speak with candidates and help them through the application process.

In addition to recruitment, I spend a lot of time working with the marketing and university partnerships teams. I attend a number of careers fairs meeting university students and graduates and discussing FDM’s opportunities with them. I also attend university workshops, where we help students learn about video interviews, strength based interviews and personal branding.

My marketing responsibilities include creating job advertisements and targeted e-mails for our media partners and making sure these are all up to date with the latest information. I have also worked on our out of home advertising for Leeds and Glasgow to create a better level of brand awareness for our offices.


What has been your favourite moment so far?


In my first month I had the chance to visit both the Glasgow and London Academies, helping with the Getting Back to Business launch event as well as attending and working the London consultant party. As the only person representing the marketing department in Leeds, meeting the rest of the marketing team in London and Glasgow was really nice!


I have really enjoyed working closely with other FDM placement students on events and projects. Attending a workshop and getting involved with university students is something I really enjoy too. Overall, my favourite moment so far is seeing how much I have progressed since the day I started and being able to take responsibility and ownership for certain tasks and projects.


What are you looking forward to in the coming months?


I am looking forward to getting to know everyone in the other offices globally as well as going back to the London office next month for an induction event. So far, 2018 is set to be a busy year, there are plenty of projects for me to get involved in which I am looking forward to so I can experience different aspects of business and develop my skill set.

I am looking forward to working with more exciting events and campaigns coming up in the new year such as our hackathon and the Glasgow Consultant Party. I am also excited to be taking some classes in the academy together with some of our trainees, in order to further improve my skills in areas such as Excel and SQL.

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