Since 2016 FDM and Salesforce have been collaborating to deliver a specialised Salesforce pipeline to meet individual client needs.

Supporting our clients with Salesforce implementation

FDM’s Salesforce service prepares our consultants with skills in Salesforce implementation. Our consultants work across the Software Development Lifecycle in roles such as Software Development, Quality Engineering and Business Analysis to assist with our clients’ Salesforce implementation projects.

As each of our clients’ projects is unique, we work directly with the client to build out a customised training curriculum.

A highly skilled Salesforce pipeline to meet your unique needs

Our Training and Service Delivery teams have extensive industry experience ensuring our consultants receive the training and individual attention they need to excel in their on-site placements.

Clients can choose to select from consultants already in our Salesforce Academy who will then receive upskilling if needed to allow for more rapid deployment. We also work in partnership with our clients to recruit and select a group of talented young professionals to take part in a customised Salesforce training curriculum.