Supporting users through usability, usefulness, and desirability

With technological innovation reshaping the world and increasing competition faster than ever, the success of new systems, apps, and technologies hinges on intuitive, coherent and enjoyable user experiences.

FDM provides UX and UI consulting services, to support your organisation in all aspects of interaction between human users and everyday products and services., such as websites, apps and software programs.

Our training prepares them with competencies in different UX/UI components such as psychology, business, market research, design and technology, providing them with the knowledge to successfully create well thought out interfaces that deliver value for your users and your business.

FDM’s UX/UI designers are trained to explore various approaches in order to solve user issues including conducting research on target users, developing a deep understanding of their needs, creating personas, mapping journeys, wireframing and prototyping. At the end of the training, our consultants are able to help produce market leading digital products for a better visual impact, desirability and improved user journey.

Experts in the interaction between human users and technology

We can tailor our training so that our consultants can meet a wide variety of different project requirements and help fulfil all user demands while working in close alignment with your corporate strategy. If you have a UX project that requires a specific set of skills, get in touch to find out how our tailored solutions can help your organisation.

Our consultants have previously worked on a range of projects for our client base including the modernisation of brand identity, user research, UI redesign projects and more.