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Strength-Based Interviews

Strength-Based Interviews

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FDM is dedicated to recruiting the best people, regardless of background, who have a strong passion for IT. In order to achieve this goal, we conduct strength-based interviews for all our programmes.

Strength-based interviewing aims to look at the passion and potential of candidates rather than assessing pre-prepared answers. The focus is to identify candidates with energy for the role and the ability to learn new information and approaches.

The core of strength-based interviews is three main question types: warm up questions, forced response questions and scenario based questions. Warm up questions ask about a non-work related scenario in order to gage engagement from which every other question is assessed against. These questions are typically focused around a subject that the candidate feels comfortable and positive about. Forced response questions encourage a candidate to make a decision from options incorporated in the question, for example what do you prefer, working in a team or working individually? Alternatively, scenario based questions encourage the candidate to think about how they would act in role specific situations. Not only does this give the assessor an indication about how the candidate would deal with specific scenarios, but it also gives the candidate an insight into the type of situations that they will find themselves in if they are successful in the recruitment process. Applicants are scored against both their capability as well as their engagement. Capability looks at the use of evidence and supporting statement to back up their answers.

Strength-based interviewing is central to FDM’s Graduate Programme and is introduced during the initial video interview stage. We have identified eight strengths on which we assess individuals and all candidates are made aware of these before each stage of the recruitment process:

  • Drive
  • Resilience
  • Growth
  • Social Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Strategic Awareness
  • Flexibility
  • Logical Mindset

Again at the assessment centre, applicants face strength-based interviews. Each candidate faces three individual interviews which last 12-15 minutes. Strength-based interviews give us the ability to assess each strength twice. This gives the candidates two opportunities to prove that they are both capable and engaged with each of the eight strengths we assess. By utilising the capp system, a scoring matrix is provided and filled out for each candidate at the end of each interview cluster. Numerical scores are then discussed in a wash up with each interviewer and a pass or fail decision is made.

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