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Technology I Couldn’t Live Without

Man in white button up shirt scrolling through phone.

Tech companies and tech lovers have descended upon London Tech Week to celebrate technology and showcase innovation with learning forums, seminars and networking events . As many businesses showcase new technologies and advances throughout this festival, we asked the FDM community what piece of technology they could not live without.

The most common answer was of course a mobile phone. Many people highlighted the vast volume of information stored on their phones, the fact that it’s not only is it a way to communicate with our nearest and dearest, but also  a calendar, camera and map. And as FDM Recruiter Fiona McKerral noted just add  headphones and  her phone  is as a music player.

“Without the apps on my phone, I would struggle to do many of my daily activities,” she said. “I book my gym classes, dental and beauty appointments through apps. I coordinate my social life with my phone calendar. I walk to work listening to podcasts and even keep travel tickets in an app wallet.”

One FDMer claimed contactless payment card technology ‘changed her life’. Now commonplace, contactless payment technology was introduced in the UK in 2007 and allows you to make small value (under £30) payments without providing your PIN code.

Lindsay Murray from the HR team picked her satellite navigation. Built into her car, it means she can navigate to client sites to see our Consultants without worrying about maps.

London based FDMers who commute on the Tube pass time on their long commute with a Kindle and highlighted how handy it is to carry so many books in your pocket.

Technology is also fundamental to many people’s daily beauty routines; electric toothbrushes to keep your smile bright, hair straighteners and hair dryers for the perfect look.

Having spoken to FDMers from across our business it is obvious that technology is integral to our lives. It is integrated into the majority of our daily tasks and as technology advances it will only become more important to us. Sometimes however, old tech is hard to beat:  Georgia Beech from our marketing department loves her iPod Classic for its unlimited battery life.

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Featured image credit: Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash 

 Updated 14 June, 2017

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