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The Faces Behind FDM: From Recruitment to Racing

Tolu Ogunlaiye is a Graduate Recruitment and University Partnerships Consultant who works from our London Centre. Outside of work, Tolu is a keen writer and exercise enthusiast. Earlier this year, Tolu decided to take on a new challenge which would raise money for a charity close to his heart. In this blog, he explains why he has chosen to take part in a 12K charity obstacle mud run this weekend and how he has coped with training and motivation techniques.

I’ve always enjoyed taking on a challenge; doing something out of my comfort zone and working hard to achieve a goal - I love that rewarding feeling you get at the end. Before the turn of this year, a friend and I registered to take part in Nuclear Races, a 12K charity obstacle mud run on 18th May.

I’ve decided to run for Diabetes UK as this disease has been a thorn in my family for several years. It’s been ever-present with our elder generation mainly, and also contributed to taking the life of my grandmother in 2011. So, I’ve decided to start a fundraiser, aiming to raise £1,000 for the charity.

I’ve taken on a number of things to prepare for the event to make sure I’m in the best shape possible to perform as well as I can. It’s funny because normally I can’t stick to a routine when it comes to my health and fitness as I tend to waver after just a few weeks, but so far, I’ve stayed motivated and I’m feeling confident that I can see it through.

As part of my preparation, I’ve drastically changed my diet. I’ve strictly cut out most bad foods, and only give myself a bit of leniency to satisfy my cravings on the weekends. This has helped me feel a lot healthier, and Dry January played a part too.

In addition to this, I took part in a boot camp on a weekly basis and I incorporated more cardio into my workouts at the gym, while keeping up with my weekly seven-a-side football matches on Monday nights.

Just to add a bit of extra motivation, I’ve got a £100 bet with the friend I’m running with on who will finish first, so as you probably can understand I’m feeling rather determined! I’m already planning on using it towards spending money for my holiday in June.

Something that’s massively helped me is the Nike Trained Podcast. Each episode focuses on one of their five facets of fitness: training, recovery, nutrition, mindset and sleep. It’s kept me in the right frame of mind to prepare and to keep going and has also given me tips that have helped in my preparation as well, mainly with my sleep.

One massive pointer I’ve learned is that snoozing your alarm just once, five minutes before you wake up, is actually better for you than hitting the snooze over and over again, something I was definitely guilty of! Getting a good eight hours a night with one snooze has definitely helped me feel fresher in the day and perform at a higher level during my training.

I’m really proud of my efforts so far, I just need to persevere and keep sight of the end goal. The day itself should be a lot of fun and doing it for a cause that means so much to me is an incentive for me to persevere with my training.

This Saturday Tolu will be taking part in the 12K Nuclear Races Obstacle Course in aid of Diabetes UK

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