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The Season of Opportunity

FDM Season of Opportunity

When it comes to the Christmas and holiday advert space, retailers expectedly dominate the playing field as they promote toys, food, clothes and gift purchases for the season. Companies in other sectors outside of retail – the ones who have something valuable yet intangible to offer – are visibly lacking in this space.

This is what prompted us to create an advert of our own, promoting something different that everyone needs, but will unlikely find wrapped under the tree: the opportunity to launch a career. The opportunity for change. The opportunity to shine.

Our first ever holiday advert is a two minute story titled “The Season of Opportunity”. It follows the lives of three people who all face a very similar problem until each of them, in their own way, find the opportunity they’ve been looking for.

FDM launched the careers of 2000+ people last year and we are proud to continue creating and inspiring exciting careers around the world. Welcoming so much talent into FDM from diverse backgrounds and seeing their journey unfold is the best part of our job.

FDM’s business model is designed to ‘bridge the gap’: be it from academia to employment, the military to the commercial world, from a career break back into the workforce or otherwise. We invest in talent that may not have the direct experience in the industry, but they have the drive and potential.

Nabila Aydin, our VP of Global Marketing sums it up best: “The holidays are an emotional time for most people and even though presents such as toys and other physical gifts are nice, the opportunity to launch a career is priceless. We want to encourage people to be positive this season, keep trying to get that career you want and don’t give up hope; there are opportunities out there for you.”


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