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  • After helping thousands on their career path to success, we have put together answers to common queries about the FDM Graduate Programme. If you still have questions, please contact our Recruitment Team by phone 0203 056 8240 or email.
    What is an IT or business Consultant?
    A Consultant works in partnership with clients on specific projects either as part of an outsourced team or to supplement an existing one. Consultants are relocated to client centres for a contracted amount of time to plan and develop business or technology systems and may also be asked to provide expert advice related to their specialism. Consultancy is a flexible career as projects can range from a few months to years depending on its size. This can lead to opportunities for travel and a variety of challenging and exciting assignments with a range of clients. FDM Consultants are employed by FDM to provide professional business and IT consultancy to our clients.
    What is the FDM Graduate Programme?
    The FDM Graduate Programme consists of foundation training followed by an individual learning pathway, where trainees will learn the skills required to become an FDM Consultant. We have Academies across Europe and North America that provide fast-track skills development to those with a passion for IT and business. After completing your training you will work on placements on our client sites for at least two years.
    How do I apply for the FDM Careers Programme?

    Apply via our online application form. Find out more about our selection and recruitment process here.

    Is it essential for me to have an IT degree?

    We welcome candidates from a range of academic backgrounds including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We also accept applications from non-STEM graduates who demonstrate a passion for working in the IT industry, particularly  for our Business learning pathways.

    We also offer career pathways for ex-Forces personnel.

    What training will I receive?

    You will embark on your initial foundation training course before being allocated your individual learning pathway. This pathway will have a business or technical focus depending on your skill set. The business pathway comprises Project Support Office, Business AnalysisData Analysis or Business Test Analysis. The technical pathway comprises Testing, Development, Production Support or Murex.

    What if I already have IT accreditations or qualifications that FDM offers?

    This puts you at an advantage, however you would still need to attend the training for that module or sit an exam in order to demonstrate these competencies so that we can confidently recommend you to our clients.

    Will I have to pay for my training?

    The training you receive is funded by FDM as long as you commit to work for us for two years. The training period is unpaid and you will receive a salary when you start your first placement as an FDM Consultant.

    What does an FDM assessment day involve?

    FDM’s Assessment day enables us to assess candidates for a range of skills including: technical, numerical, interpersonal and teamwork. Our assessment centres run on a weekly basis from 9am to 3pm. The schedule of the day involves welcome talks from FDM management followed by a talk from HR to run through any questions you may have regarding our contract and business model. Following this, there will be three tests; mathematics, logical-thinking aptitude and a set theory diagram test. You will also have three separate interviews conducted by FDM Managers from various departments within the business; this ensures every candidate is given a fair and equal opportunity. FDM’s assessment is not only a chance for us to assess you, it is also an opportunity for you to ask FDM any questions you may have and find out more about us.

    What training pathways are offered at each FDM training Academy?

    London: Development, Production Support Analysis, Project Support Office, Business Analysis, Software Test Analysis, Data Analysis, MX.3 Production Support

    Leeds: Development, Production Support Analysis, Project Support Office, Business Analysis, Software Test Analysis, Data Analysis

    Glasgow: Business Test Analysis, Data Analysis, Test Analysis and Development

    Frankfurt: Development, Production Support Analysis, Software Test Analysis, Project/Business Analysis

    New York City: Development, Application Support Analysis, Project/Business Analysis, MX.3 Production Support Analysis, Data Analysis, Software Test Analysis

    Toronto: Development, Application Support Analysis, Project/Business Analysis, MX.3 Production Support Analysis

    Is the FDM Graduate Programme the same in each location?

    No, the programme differs from country to country. If you are interested in joining the FDM Graduate Programme in the UK, please refer to the information you find on the UK website.

    What happens after I complete my training?

    After you successfully complete your training you will be available for client roles. Once selected for placement, you start a two-year employment with FDM as an IT or business Consultant. During these two years, you could be placed on one or more of our client sites.

    What is the FDM MSc Programme?

    Employees who show exceptional IT skills in the Development pathways are invited to complete a three-year MSc in Applied Computer Science, fully-funded by FDM. You are also expected to complete IT industry placements with leading companies during the MSc Programme, as the MSc is designed as a distance learning part-time qualification.

    Where will I be working on completion of my training?

    We have opportunities across Europe, North America or Asia, although there is no obligation for you to work internationally. FDM Consultants must be prepared for placements on client sites anywhere within the UK.

    What companies will I be working with?

    Take a look at our client list to see where you could be working. You may end up working at the same place for the whole two years, or you may be placed on various client sites throughout that time.

    Am I paid a salary during my two years of placements?

    Yes. Following your training you will be an employee of FDM as one of our IT or business Consultants. Once you have started your first placement, you will earn a salary.

    What happens at the end of the two years?

    You have a number of options to progress your career further within the IT or business sector. You will still be an FDM employee working for an award-winning company. However, you are no longer contractually bound to remain with the company and can pursue other avenues if you prefer, such as transitioning into permanent employment with a client you have been placed with. FDM continues to provide our Senior Consultants with demanding and fulfilling technical placements. They also have the option of pursuing roles internally. No matter how you choose to progress your IT career, you will have two years of excellent commercial experience gained through the highly reputable FDM Graduate Programme.

    When is the deadline date for applications to the Graduate Programme?
    If you are in your final year of study and interested in a place after you have completed your course you should apply before 30 November of the preceding year. If you have already graduated and interested in an immediate start date you can apply year round.
    I put my career aside for several years and I am now looking to get back to work. Is there an opportunity for me at FDM?

    At FDM we know that successful careers today do not follow a particular path. While it is common for people to re-enter the workplace after a career break, it can still be a challenge for many. Our FDM Getting Back to Business Programme will provide you with professional business training, mentoring and fast track career progression to help you return to work after a break in your career.

    View or download our Graduate Programme brochure