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  • Software Developers cover a varied range of roles and responsibilities, such as attending design meetings, liaising with clients, writing, developing, testing and reviewing code, supporting existing applications. You will also liaise with end users to fix defects, find solutions and test them, investigate the feasibility of change requests, and add the functionality to applications by designing and implementing solutions, to mention a few.

    Following your training at FDM, you will develop the ability to write code that is modular, robust, scalable and maintainable to a professional standard. You will also write code that can be easily modified to meet changing client requirements.

    This role is ideal for analytical problem solvers with a passion for technology.

    Software Developer Training

    Before starting a role as a Software Developer, you will undergo the relevant training in our in-house Academy which includes the following modules:

    • SQL
    • Excel VBA
    • UNIX
    • Web Apps Design

    Either Java;

    • Object Oriented Development (Java)
    • Data Access (Java)
    • Web Programming (Java)
    • Java Spring Framework
    • Software Development Projects

    Or, .Net:

    • Object Oriented Development (.Net)
    • Data Access (.Net)
    • Web Programming (.Net)
    • .Net Windows Desktop Programming
    • Software Development Projects
    You are
    • Passionate about technology
    • Analytical and a problem solver
    • A keen follower of new technology
    • An individual with skills that are transferable and applicable to a range of language and technology
    Software Developer - Robert Durie, Alumnus

    ”My day-to-day role at Datacash involved the implementation of new functionality for a global payment gateway. This covered various stages in the lifecycle including design, implementation and release. Languages used include Java, Perl, SQL, and some shell scripting for server side development, as well as some client-side web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript etc.). My experience on site has been very positive – I’ve learned a substantial amount, my projects have been interesting, and everyone here has been extremely supportive. If you’re looking for a way into the industry, even without a degree in computer science, FDM is an excellent way to start your career.”



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