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  • FDM’s IT Service Management service is designed to support our clients’ IT operations. FDM Consultants are trained in best practice methodologies, underpinned by ITIL, to be able to quickly and effectively on board into any IT environment. Our services bridge the gap between end clients, whether internal or external, and the development teams by owning issues and delivering solutions across all levels of support.

    Equipped with a strong level of technical knowledge, exceptional interpersonal skills and a proactive attitude, FDM IT Service Management Consultants can support any phase of IT implementation, whether it is change or consolidation, Service Desk support or dealing with third party vendors.

    Should the nature of the work require more of an infrastructure focus, FDM is able to supplement skills and competencies of its Consultants to support various networking specialisms.

    The FDM IT Service Management consultancy advantage

    Our clients benefit from:

    • Technical competencies including SQL RDBMS and administration across UNIX and Wintel environments
    • Adaptable and flexible service carried out on or off site
    • Operational efficiency
    • Low-risk resource solution as FDM retains accountability for Consultants
    • High cost savings compared to the freelance contract market
    • Excellent retention and service continuity due to our consultants’ commitment to us
    • Diverse pool of consultant resource who are geographically flexible
    • Highly scalable near-shore capability with no minimum commitment
    • The ability to transition consultants to permanent headcount after two-year engagement
    • On boarding support and individual Account Management support
    • HR/consultant support, including regular reviews with our Consultants deployed and joint reviews with the client teams they are working with
    Supplementary infrastructure specialisms
    • Systems networking
    • Virtualisation
    • Security
    • Wintel architecture and design
    • Messaging and collaboration
    • Storage
    Our Services include

    Production Support Services

    Our support covers servicer migrations, consolidations, infrastructure refreshes and technical projects.

    Application Support Services

    • Front/Middle/Back-Office
    • 1st, 2nd or 3rd Line Support

    Managed Service Desk Capability

    FDM can provide 24/7 Service Desk capability on-site to support your application environment.

    Incident Management

    FDM can adopt your service management tools to record incidents, changes, problems and tasks, together with software tools to analyse and visualise the streams of data that are product by the applications and infrastructure.

    • ‘One stop shop’ for incident investigation through to resolution
    • Incident investigation and resolution continues around the clock

    Change Management

    With regular changes and updates taking place to the applications and system infrastructure, the Service Desk 24/7 team can be on hand to manage changes taking place during the working day and out of office hours. They are also positioned to raise any Emergency Changes immediately, should they be required, without the requirement of having to call upon someone else.

    • Checking stability of system infrastructure prior to commencement of a change
    • Coordinating change implementation
    • Live proving the system after a change
    • Sending out communication of successful changes to stakeholders

    Problem Management

    When there is a regular occurrence of a particular incident, the team is able to be responsible for creating and owning a Problem Record (PR). They can take responsibility for liaising with the developers and testers to ensure that the problems that are recorded in the PR are addressed in later releases.

    • Compile weekly PR reports to ensure timely progression/resolution
    • Compile weekly PR incident reports for Stakeholders
    • Investigate and replicate incidents recorded in PRs
    • Progress PRs from recording through to resolution and inclusion in later releases

    Service Monitoring

    Monitoring of the whole application network, utilising system tools that provide 24/7 monitoring, incident detection and notification, rapid triage, root-cause analysis and historical data reporting. Where the 24/7 team are embedded in location, they provide a valuable resource with regards to the quick identification and resolution of major incidents.

    • Quick detection of system incidents
    • Synergy with infrastructure personnel
    • On hand to provide Management Information stats as and when required

    View or download our IT Services brochure