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  • In addition to FDM’s consultancy test offering, we are also able to offer a broad range of managed testing services designed and tailored to align with our clients’ needs. We understand that one size does not fit all and therefore look to build solutions around individual requirements, addressing the specific challenges, needs and desired outcomes of our clients. FDM has experience in providing services across a wide client base from a variety of sectors. These include banking, insurance, retail, media and government.

    Our services include:

    • Business Testing
    • Automation consultancy and framework implementation (enterprise and open-source technologies)
    • Mobile and device testing solutions
    • Web testing (browser compatibility, accessibility, UAT)
    • Fully managed (outsourced) test delivery – on client site, or remotely utilising our test lab capability
    • Test practice ‘Healthchecks’ and ‘Process Improvement’ solutions
    Business testing services
    FDM’s Business Testing services are designed to focus more on the underlying business processes and usability factors associated with modern day software and system design. As many of our clients move towards behavioral or User Experience (UX) driven development standards, we have addressed this by introducing a separate Business Testing services division, with Consultants who are more focused on ensuring the end product meets the customer expectation from an aesthetic and usability perspective. By working closely with the customer, our Consultants are able to identify test scenarios that ensure the ‘user journey’ is a rewarding one.

    FDM Consultants are able to undertake:

    • Business Acceptance Testing (BAT)
    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
    • Business Process Testing (BPT)
    • User Experience Testing (UXT)
    • Mobile/Device Usability Testing
    Automation testing services
    FDM has a proven track record in designing and implementing automated testing solutions for a number of our clients across many complex systems and environments. FDM’s ‘Approach to Automation’ is a 4-stage process, with a ‘cool-off’ option at the end of each phase which de-risks the process for the customer, providing the option to review the success of each phase on completion and make a ‘Go/No Go’ decision on continuing to the next phase. This independent approach removes the concern of committing financially to an automation delivery up-front without being able to judge the return on investment.

    The FDM 4-Stage Approach to Automation comprises:

    • Scoping – familiarisation with the system(s) under test, evaluation of the suitability for implementing an automation framework and identification of suitable tool(s) in relation to the technology stack and interdependencies
    • Proof of Concept – produce a working example of the automation framework with example scripts; simple, intermediate and complex
    • Design and Implementation – design and create the automation framework and associated scripts in line with the chosen tool suite
    • Support and Maintenance – once the automation solution has been fully implemented, either provide a handover to the customer or provide continuing support and maintenance contract
    Mobile and device testing services
    FDM provides application testing solutions for industry leading mobile and tablet devices. As applications and web products are required to function across multiple smartphone and tablet configurations as well as the more traditional mediums available, FDM has embraced the need to provide a dedicated service for ensuring our customers can achieve ‘speed to market’ software releases whilst ensuring quality standards are maintained. FDM’s UK-based Mobile Testing Lab allows customers to outsource mobile application testing either completely or partially in tandem with a client site deployed presence. FDM provides a full end-to-end testing solution across the following mobiles and tablets:


    • Samsung Galaxy
    • Apple iPhone
    • Google Nexus
    • Nokia Lumia
    • HTC One and Desire


    • Samsung Galaxy
    • Apple iPad
    • Google Nexus

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