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What is company culture?

Jeff Lovejoy - FDM

Finding the right career and picking the right company is difficult. I get it.

You worked hard at a university for your degree and you’ve secured a job in your preferred field in order to take the next step towards your dream role; you want it to be perfect. So, you look into the background of the job and weigh out everything from location, company history and value. But, the one piece of advice that everyone always tells you to look into is company culture. This is one of the most important factors for happiness and success in your career, but what is it? What do you look for?

Although there is no perfect answer to this, you need to do your due diligence here. How do you define or assess for “corporate culture”? Investopedia defines corporate culture as the beliefs and behaviours that determine how a company's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions.

Lovejoy, Toronto - FDMIn my role as Europe and North America Recruitment Manager, I have the pleasure of seeing this first hand. Over the last year, I have had the privilege of travelling to FDM’s centres in the USA, Canada, Germany and even Singapore and Hong Kong. It’s easy to get a sense of each location’s unique culture by visiting our Twitter hashtag, #FDMcareers, but after my recent travels, this allowed me to experience that company culture first hand. Until you see it yourself, you may not ‘get’ what it truly means.

When it comes to large global organisations, it’s very easy for them to lose the culture that defines them as a business from office to office, from region to region. At FDM, I can honestly say that this is not the case. You can step into any of our centres across the globe and you will see a consistent company culture that shines through like there’s no tomorrow. You will meet passionate teams excited about making a difference. What is that difference?

walking - FDMTeams who are focused on building meaningful career paths for graduates, ex-forces/veterans, and returners to work. Trainers coaching talent to become experts in their fields. Sales teams passionate about working with clients and opening the door of opportunity for our consultants, enabling them to gain hands-on experience working with prestigious clients. Teams that strive to give that ongoing support to our remote workforces out on client sites. We are one big massive team that is passionate about securing careers for those with great potential in the IT industry.

You ask yourself, what is company culture? Well, that’s it. Its passionate people excited about developing themselves and careers of others. It’s people that strive for excellence in everything that they do. Ask yourself when looking at that next role or company, “Would I thrive in that environment?” I speak to thousands of graduates every year and I tell them all the same thing: finding the right career is like trying to find the perfect marriage – both parties need to say I DO! Finding a company that has the company culture that fits you as a person is that perfect marriage.

Good luck in all of your professional endeavours, and I hope this helps when looking for your next career.

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Lovejoy Hong Kong

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