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Our Risk and Compliance team bring a risk mindset, intelligent STP awareness, ethics and adapt to data-rich and technology-heavy environments. FDM consultants can be deployed on units and/or teams in risk-influenced functions including market operations, client lifecycle management, anti-financial crime, regulatory reporting and projects with the following characteristics:

  • Provision of scale, quality delivery, flexible engagement terms and onshore availability at nearshore costs.
  • Pre-placement training via a model office to develop, inject and retain multi-skilled analysts on repeat, with opportunities for specialized upskilling
  • FDM consultants operating as an extension of your own team to help bridge the gaps between Run the Bank and Change the Bank.

Elevate your projects and operations with our expertise

As part of their experiential training, consultants join our immersive and realistic Model Bank for a unique hands-on, customer-simulated experience, that prepares them for the dynamic world of anti-financial crime AFC (AML/KYC/Transaction monitoring) and securities/client operations. From upskilling frameworks, execution plans, independent reviews, and AI adoption, they use best practices to meet your regulatory compliance and risk requirements.

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