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The pros, cons and alternatives to outsourcing IT in India

Risk, Regulation & Compliance Insights for Organisations Financial Crime

From data to action: strategies for tackling financial crime in the UK 

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9 Best Summer Jobs For Students

We’re here to give you the lowdown on the best summer job for students. For…

Ex-Forces Career Advice

How to Write a Successful Ex-Military CV

Transitioning from a military role to a civilian career may seem a daunting experience, but…

Insights for Organisations Returners

Is hiring returners your key to a 25% profitability boost?

Insights for Organisations

11 top tips for managing Gen Z employees

As an increasing number of Gen Z individuals enter the workforce, it’s imperative that managers…

Insights for Organisations

Is your business ready for AI?


Unlocking talent: University partnerships and 100 hires 

Returners Career Advice

Career break guide: definition, reasons and tips

An increasing number of people are choosing to take a career break. A LinkedIn survey…

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Can AI-generated deepfakes compromise KYC authentication?