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Graduate Careers

Life at FDM

How It Works

FDM’s Graduate Careers Program bridges the gap between academia and the commercial world for graduates like you.

  • Apply to the FDM Careers Program
  • Develop your IT and business expertise by training with our industry experts
  • Work on-site with prestigious clients, gaining hands-on commercial experience
  • Excel as you set yourself on a meaningful career path – the sky’s the limit!


We equip you with:

  • IT and business training modelled after our client environments
  • 2+ years of hands-on commercial experience
  • A foot in the door with one or more of our prestigious clients
  • Exposure to dynamic working environments
  • Ongoing career support and professional development

Supporting Your Progression

FDM has a number of programs in place to continuously support and engage with our people.

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Consultant Peer Support (CPS) Program

The CPS Program ensures that when a new consultant is placed on-site, they are connected with a more senior FDM consultant already working with that client to help ease their transition. These CPS ambassadors provide the guidance needed to help you get settled, connect with fellow FDMers in the area and prepare for your new role on-site.

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Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program brings together individuals at all levels of their career journey, from management to new starters. It provides you with the opportunity to build relationships and network within FDM’s wider community by linking our consultants, alumni, trainees, internal staff and clients together.

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Alumni Network

FDM has launched the careers of thousands of people who make up our alumni network of talented individuals. We regularly interact and engage with our alumni community, giving past and present FDMers a network from which to build relationships, learn from others and explore opportunities with people who have had similar career experiences.

Graduate Career Opportunities

FDM provides a number of tracks of training for consultants, in specialties both business and technically focused.

Interviews with our clients are ongoing throughout your training, and you may be selected for a role that requires additional specialized training. When selected for one of these roles, your core training will be supplemented to include additional modules specific to the client’s needs.

Our consultants have been trained and placed in exciting roles including:


Criteria & Process

Selection and Recruitment

Essential Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • Demonstrated knowledge and passion in IT and business
  • Open to being geographically flexible for client placements across Canada (majority of opportunities are in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver)
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Apply online

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Complete a video interview.

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Attend an Interview Day at our Toronto centre.



Career Stories


FDM Alumni, Mark Hudhud:

I grew up in Ontario and I decided to do a Civil Engineering degree at the University of Ottawa.

I’ve moved into a different kind of career path and that’s where FDM stepped in.

Well, FDM has definitely shaped my career. I feel like it’s launched my career much more than I thought possible right from graduation, so it’s definitely a leg up. Whereas if you were to get a position right out of university, you’re not necessarily starting at what I would be starting at right now.

I do know a lot of people that will have taken a lot of time between graduation and just have struggled to find something. And looking at what FDM offers, it’s really not just a job, it’s more of how, you know, can I skip that that period of time after graduation where I’m still very new?

It’s been a huge help just to have kind of an edge on some of the other people that didn’t go through the FDM streams within the same role that I have.



Navin Gamage, FDM Consultant:

My name is Navin I went to York University for Health Informatics. The program I did was more focused on information systems for healthcare facilities, but towards the end of my fourth year I basically got interested in finance.

I’ve been with FDM for about two years now. The reason why I joined was because their business plan made sense. Basically, I needed experience to get into the industry and FDM was willing to provide that through specialized training, and in my books that’s a win-win.

Throughout my time, I think one of the major skills I developed was time management and prioritization which is kind of key in our line of work. Being outside for this long definitely adds a lot to my resume and it opens up many doors to migrate to a great career.

I don’t think short term but think long term because the FDM is willing to train you and invest in you for your future so you might as well take advantage of it, make something for yourself.



Divya Chand, FDM Consultant:

I find that FDM has helped me really recognize my strengths. And it’s one thing going into an interview and preparing yourself thinking, okay, these are the strengths that I’m gonna list out and it’s a whole other thing knowing what I’ve built through my own experience, and being able to carry that with me and knowing, you know that this is part of my identity now.

To be seen as somebody credible which, you know, I wouldn’t have been able to do without FDM especially with the experience that I have now is really something that I thank FDM for.



FDM Alumni, Mustafa Naji:

My name is Mustafa Naji, I went to McMaster University for my Masters in Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

I’ve been in Canada for seven years so far. FDM has been the first professional job I got in Canada.

I feel like FDM helped me realize where I want to be within the IT world in the financial services industry.

To be honest, the two years I had with FDM has been a highlight in my career and I’m very grateful to that for the opportunity that I got with them and then after FDM.

FDM has that kind of process where it takes you from, you know, that student life to becoming a professional.

If you’re looking for a career within the financial services industry, particularly IT but sometimes, doesn’t have to be very IT related, and you’re a new grad, FDM is definitely the place for you.