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Graduate Careers

Life at FDM

How It Works

FDM’s Graduate Careers Program bridges the gap between academia and the commercial world for graduates like you.

  • Apply to the FDM Graduate Program
  • Train in IT and business specialties in one of our award-winning academies
  • Work on-site with prestigious industry-leading clients, gaining hands-on commercial experience
  • Excel as you set yourself on a meaningful career path – the sky’s the limit!


We equip you with:

  • IT and business training from industry experts
  • 2+ years of hands-on commercial experience
  • A foot in the door with one or more of our prestigious clients
  • Exposure to dynamic working environments
  • Ongoing career support and professional development
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Supporting Your Progression

FDM has a number of programs in place to continuously support and engage with our people.

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Consultant Peer Support (CPS) Program

The CPS Program ensures that when a new consultant is placed onsite, they are connected with a more senior FDM Consultant already working with that client to help ease their transition. These CPS ambassadors provide the guidance needed to help new consultants get settled, connect with fellow FDMers in the area and prepare for their new roles onsite.

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Alumni Network

FDM has launched the careers of thousands of people who make up our alumni network of talented individuals. We regularly interact and engage with our alumni community, giving past and present FDMers a network from which to build relationships, learn from others and explore opportunities with people who have had similar career experiences.

Career Opportunities

Criteria & Process

Selection and Recruitment

Essential Criteria

  • Educated to degree level
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Eligible to work in Australia
  • Possess some technical knowledge or experience in IT or business
  • Demonstrate a passion for IT and business
  • Open to being geographically flexible to work throughout Australia (Sydney and Melbourne)
  • Excellent verbal and written English required

Join Us
Our application process:

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Apply online

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Complete a telephone interview

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Attend an assessment day at our centre in Sydney


Ready to join our Graduate Careers Program? You can apply directly online here.

Need more info? Contact us at [email protected] to talk to a recruiter.

Career Stories


Viaolingi Foliaki, FDM Consultant

My name is Viaolingi Foliaki. I am currently a global market trade full support engineer in the financial industry. We look after the IT systems for the traders on the trade floor and just maintain all the systems so that they’re efficient for business as usual.

The coolest thing is definitely the people. I love working with people, building relationships, and also being able to help them is probably the primary thing that drives me within my role. I was fresh out of uni, had no clue where I was going and when I got the opportunity to join FDM, it’s kind of paved the way for me to where I am now.

FDM training came with the challenges but it was very beneficial to upskill the previous experiences and qualifications I gained at uni.

When I joined on-site at HSBC, I never thought that a little girl from The Islands would be working here in Barangaroo. It’s definitely been a blessing to be given this opportunity – that’s my most memorable moment.



Fiona McCarthy, FDM Consultant:

I’m currently working as an Analyst Engineer developing software for a foreign exchange trading platform. The part of the platform I’m working on reports trades to the risk management platforms that are used to make sure that people don’t trade more money than they can afford.

The first day that my code was running for real in a business production environment, it was really satisfying to know that I was having a positive impact on some of the people working on the trading floor above me.

The best thing about FDM is the culture. You don’t just train with people, you also become friends with them. I’ve had an enormous amount of fun both in and outside of work with people that I’ve met here.

The final project in my training program was actually a very small, very scaled-down version of the trading platform that I’m working on now in my role and I had to learn the basics of foreign exchange in order to do that project, which definitely gave me a head start when I started on-site. The training helped me to gain confidence both as a developer and as a professional. It’s helped me get into a role that would be just about impossible to get into at an entry-level now that I’m finding immensely rewarding.