Month: January 2022

31 January 2022 Elisabeth Klotz

FDM has always supported and encouraged women to pursue a career in IT and has seen a consistent rise in women joining their company. Find out what the schoolgirls from the South Island School in Hong Kong learned in our “Learning Python with Interactive Robots” workshop.

20 January 2022 Preeta Ghoshal

Are you a woman over 50 looking to kickstart a new career? Then look no further! Discover some of the best jobs for women over 50 and learn how to get started.

7 January 2022 Eva Rossi

Before becoming a Senior Project Manager at Microsoft, Grace Picking joined the FDM Graduate Programme to train in Project Management and worked with one of our banking clients, where she would eventually secure a permanent position. Read her inspiring journey and learn what it’s like to be an FDM Consultant.

7 January 2022 Elisabeth Klotz

2022 brings us the 110th edition of The Australian Open, taking place at Melbourne Park, from 17–30 January. It features the world’s greatest tennis players at the top of their games battling it out in the year’s first Grand Slam tennis tournament.
We wondered ‘what are the qualities that propel these players to an elite level of performance and how can they be applied to your own career?’

4 January 2022 Preeta Ghoshal

From time management and mind maps to music and mindfulness, find your revision flow and combat stress during exam season with our top 10 tips studying tips.