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What if you could consistently find exactly the right employees, with exactly the right skills at exactly the moment you need them? Build an agile, multi-talented team that can keep your organisation a step ahead.

The pace of change in technology and business requires constant innovation and transformation. We develop and power the people you need across the tech, digital, data and regulatory landscape.

Our practices

Emerging technologies and changing work practices mean companies have to focus less on clearly defined job roles and more on the capabilities of highly versatile professionals, who will add value to projects at pace when required.

Our five specialist consulting areas include multiple interconnected pathways at our FDM Skills Labs, building a versatile and adaptable consultant workforce.

Consultants acquire skills and develop experience within a diverse range of disciplines under a consulting area and can undertake a number of different roles when deployed on assignments.


We focus on five areas of specialism:

Software Engineering

Data & Analytics


Change & Transformation


Risk, Regulation & Compliance


IT Operations


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