New job. New location.
New horizons.

It’s time for a geo-flexible mindset

Why relocating for a job can be the best decision of your life

Ready to start a new chapter in your life? Relocating could mean working with some of China’s biggest brands across sectors including finance, energy, and retail. Our Graduate Programme has the power to get you there.

As an FDM Consultant in a key city centre, you could have the opportunity to build real-world experience within the tech industry – from getting involved with AI implementation to revolutionising cybersecurity systems.

What does it mean to be geo-flexible?

It means you are keen to get involved with exciting client tech projects and
open to following the best work opportunities in cities across the country.

Ru Fan

Murex Technical Support

Relocating to a new city like Tianjin not only provides young people like me with the chance to appreciate its unique charms, such as the traditional art of “xiangsheng”, but also offers an invaluable opportunity to broaden their perspectives, expand their social networks, and develop new skills that can propel their personal and professional growth. In addition, living in Tianjin offers a high quality of life at a lower cost compared to other major cities in China.

Silver Yang

Technical Business Analyst

FDM provided me with more than just an opportunity to work at a high-level company. It allowed me to explore different places, such as Shanghai where I relocated for the job opportunity. Through my work experience with various organisations, I gained a deeper understanding of different industries, including private banking and commercial insurance. This exposure has broadened my perspectives and will undoubtedly impact my future career choices positively.

Benefits of Relocating with FDM:

Matched for Success
Our Account Managers understand your career goals and will ensure you are matched with the right client and project. Trust that your career is set up for success from the start.

FDM’s Relocation Support Package
Designed to make your transition seamless and hassle-free, we cover your flights and will re-imburse you for accommodation for your first month to ensure you settle in comfortably. Our dedicated Consultant Experience team will be there to address any inquiries and provide you with ongoing support throughout the process.

Accelerate Your Career
You’ll work on real-world business solutions with our big brand clients spread across China, giving your CV an impressive boost. Immerse yourself in a new city, embrace new experiences, and unlock future career opportunities.

Personal Growth Beyond Expectations
Develop independence, make crucial decisions, and master financial management. Relocating can help you grow personally in ways you will be forever thankful for.

Access to FDM’s Support Networks
We have around 55+ FDM Consultants across China, so you’ll never be alone in your new city. We’ll make sure you stay connected through events and help you join staff networks so that you can meet like-minded FDMers who share your passions.

See you later, relocator. Your dream career awaits


Prepare for a thrilling adventure in Shanghai, where surprises await at every corner beyond the iconic landmarks like the Oriental Pearl Tower. Begin your day in an exotic café, then immerse yourself in a myriad of cultural experiences, from captivating shows to inspiring art galleries. As night falls, be prepared to embrace the vibrant nightlife that will leave you with unforgettable memories.


Escape the hustle and bustle of typical city life and find yourself in Tianjin, a city that sets itself apart with abundant opportunities and a welcoming atmosphere. Embrace the tech industry’s prospects as one of China’s 5 new AI innovation zones. Unwind from the fast pace and savour your personal life with dynamic entertainments like traditional Xiangsheng performances.


Seeking a higher standard of living without compromising your budget? Chengdu has the answer. Encounter the lovable pandas at the renowned Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and find serenity amidst the beauty of Mount Qingcheng. When the allure of city life calls, you will find all modern delights at the vibrant Chunxi Lu.


Indulge your taste buds and wanderlust in Guangzhou, the heart of China’s economic prowess. Discover the perfect blend of contemporary sophistication and timeless charm while savouring famous cuisines and immersing yourself in rich history. With convenient transportation and a strategic location, exhilarating day trips to vibrant neighboring cities of Macau or Hong Kong await you.