Discover Your Unlimited Digital Potential

It’s not surprising that the unprecedented growth of the tech industry is creating the world’s fastest-growing job demand. This growth isn’t just in scale but in directions, as it heads toward new places not yet imagined. 

What’s perhaps most exciting, especially for those completing studies mid-year, is that getting into tech right now puts you on the fast track of this exciting, dynamic career journey.

With start dates coming up in June, July and August, the FDM Graduate Program recruits year-round, opening the door to unlimited opportunities for you to develop and grow.

We Invite You to Join a Free, Live Online Workshop

Over one packed hour you’ll learn the who, what and where of a career in IT. And, most importantly, how easily you can be a part of it.


You’ll be joining FDM’s leading experts who’ll share their up-to-minute insights on the tech career landscape – where it is now, where it is going and where you can fit in. You’ll also meet a couple of FDM Consultants currently working on-site with our industry-leading clients.


Learn about the two most in-demand jobs right now – in software development and business intelligence – what they involve and where they can take you. And you’ll be introduced to FDM’s award-winning training program, which can equip you with the crucial technical and professional skills you need to be job-ready in around 6-14 weeks.


FDM has recruited, trained and deployed thousands of graduates around the globe for over 30 years. Under FDM’s unique model, on completion of training we place you with one of our international clients working as a fully integrated member of their team.

Committed to Your Success

As those thousands of graduates before you have discovered, FDM is with you every step of your journey. If you have the passion and drive, we can give you the tools and skills to kickstart a dream career in tech, regardless of your degree. But we also have something extra…

Find out about FDM’s comprehensive support program of guidance, mentoring, continued virtual learning and more.

Exploring Tech Careers with FDM

May 25, 12pm – 1pm

Secure your spot now to explore an exciting new world of possibility!

FDM Panelists

Abigail Widjaja

Campus Recruiter

Abigail’s love for storytelling has been influenced by her Bachelor of International and Global Studies from the University of Sydney.

Her passion helps empower candidates with the tools to craft their experiences in a way that is compelling, impactful, and memorable; launching their exciting tech career, whatever academic discipline they may come from.

James McCarthy

Account Manager

James has a finance background and a passion for data. He joined FDM as a graduate before embarking on his placement as Data Engineer in the wealth management industry.

Taking advantage of his on-site experience with both clients and consultants, James has since joined FDM internally to help people kickstart their own careers in IT.

Celina Gonzales

Recruitment Team Lead

Celina works on engaging and identifying top talent for FDM’s business and technical graduate programs.

She gained her Bachelor of Psychological Science from the University of New South Wales where she developed her passion for working with people; especially helping students and graduates navigate through their careers.