New job. New location.
New horizons.

It’s time for a geo-flexible mindset

Why relocating for a job can be the best decision of your life

Ready to start a new chapter in your life? Relocating can mean working with some of Australia’s biggest brands across sectors including finance, energy, and retail. Our Graduate Program has the power to get you there.

Placed as an FDM Consultant in a key city centre, you’ll have the opportunity to build real-world experience within the tech industry – from getting involved with AI implementation to revolutionising cybersecurity systems.

What does it mean to be geo-flexible?

It means you are keen to get involved with exciting client tech projects and
open to following the best work opportunities in cities across the country.

From the Gold Coast to Sydney, working as a Business Analyst for one of Australia’s largest banks

Meet Natasha, an FDM Consultant who embarked on an exciting journey in a new city

Benefits of Relocating with FDM:

Matched for Success
Our Account Managers understand your career goals and will ensure you are matched with the right client and project. Trust that your career is set up for success from the start.

FDM’s Relocation Support Package
Designed to make your transition seamless and hassle-free, we cover your flights and will re-imburse you for accommodation for your first month to ensure you settle in comfortably. Our dedicated Consultant Experience team will be there to address any inquiries and provide you with ongoing support throughout the process.

Accelerate Your Career
You’ll work on real-world business solutions with our big brand clients spread across Australia, giving your CV an impressive boost. Immerse yourself in a new city, embrace new experiences, and unlock future career opportunities.

Personal Growth Beyond Expectations
Develop independence, make crucial decisions, and master financial management. Relocating can help you grow personally in ways you will be forever thankful for.

Access to FDM’s Support Networks
We have around 400 FDM Consultants across Australia, so you’ll never be alone in your new city. We’ll make sure you stay connected through events and help you join staff networks so that you can meet like-minded FDMers who share your passions.

See you later, relocator. Your dream career awaits


Becoming a Sydneysider is easy! While the world-famous icons like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge never lose their wow factor, there is much, much more to enjoy. Get the ferry across the harbour to Manly and grab an ice-cream at the weekend. Discover over 100 beaches and nature walks spotted all over. Immerse yourself in the multicultural hub or get into clubbing and karaoke with Sydney’s thriving nightlife.


Voted the world’s most liveable city, multiple times, why would you hesitate to move here? Discover the art and culture which attracts graduates from all over the world – think museums, architecture, graffiti lanes and more. Not only does Melbourne have arguably the best food scene in Australia, but the coffee is also top notch. Take a road trip and explore the Great Ocean Road on your days off.


Want a higher standard of living with lower living costs? Canberra is for you. Famous for its national museums and galleries, Canberra is a hotspot for culture. It’s green, safe, progressive and diverse. Love animals? Check out the zoo and maybe volunteer to help save endangered wildlife. It’s easy to get around and easy to explore nearby attractions, from ski fields to national parks.


250+ days of sun a year, what more could you want? A city surrounded by beaches with a river in the middle, Brisbane offers so much more than sunshine. The excellent transport takes you to great food, culture and festivals. An eco-friendly hub with over 2,500 parks, it’s the perfect place for picnics. Exploring outside of the city, you’ll find the Sunshine Coast on one side or the Gold Coast’s famous theme parks on the other.

Zachary Brazendale

I was based in New Zealand before moving to Australia for my placement. I was curious about working overseas but was not sure about it. But now I can say that moving to a different country has been the main highlight. The ability to work overseas and broaden my horizons has been very beneficial to both my career and personal development. I really enjoy working with the company I am placed with and FDM has been helpful in giving me the opportunities to do so.

Lisa Stepanova

Initially I was based in Melbourne, and I wasn’t interested in relocating for a job. But when the opportunity to join a big energy company in Brisbane presented itself, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go for it. My experience was very good and FDM was very supportive – they covered the costs of temporary accommodation and my plane ticket to Brisbane. I am very glad I decided to take the risk and relocate to Brisbane. Not only is the weather miles better, but I’ve definitely grown a lot as a person and became much more independent. I also used the opportunity to make new friends, pick up new habits and do new things.

Jonathan Wong

I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to be able to work in another state – though I was hesitant, and my preference was to stay in Brisbane as my family reside there and I knew moving can be stressful at times. Now after experiencing it myself, I am glad I took the opportunity as Sydney has so much to offer as a city and I have become much more independent since moving out of home. FDM helped me to be proactive and I feel that I have achieved so much already throughout this journey. FDM does regular check-ins to ensure I am settling in well, and they are always available if I need help.