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Meet the Birmingham Team

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the fantastic work our FDMers do behind the scenes to make sure that our world-wide centres run smoothly, day in and day out. We brought our award-winning graduate programme to Birmingham in the UK last year, and like our other academies, our team started small but grew over time. We asked our Birmingham team what they look for in an FDM applicant, and why Birmingham’s Academy is great starting point for tech and business enthusiasts alike. 

Greg Childs - Head of Sales

I've been with FDM for just under seven years now and my favourite thing by far is being able to place trainees and consultants with our world-wide clients. It's great to attend our FDM Summer Parties and to catch up with old faces and to hear about how they are getting on outside of FDM. My best piece of advice for trainees is to work hard, be yourself and most of all - enjoy it!


f.d.m. birmingham account manager shaun keefe.

Shaun Keefe – Account Manager  

I initially joined FDM through the London recruitment team two and a half years ago, and now I’m a part of our sales team within the midlands. Despite being small, everyone here in Birmingham has a notable impact, and our work truly drives the overall performance of the office. I’m passionate about my role and being able to help those who might not have had the opportunity to join FDM without the midland's office. Birmingham is a great place to live and I’m looking forward to launching graduates’ careers in the area.  


Rameez Ali – Senior Graduate Recruiter f.d.m birmingham Senior Graduate Recruiter Rameez Ali.

One of the best memories I have of starting up in Birmingham as a new Academy is seeing how fast our community has grown over the last year. It’s been a great experience to see so many trainees come through our doors, improve their skills and head out on-site to start their careers. Our growth from a small academy into a bigger centre has created a new look and feel, as well as the chance to invite even more graduates into the FDM family. When looking for new talent, I look for enthusiasm and the will to learn. People who are driven always end up with the greatest careers.  


f.d.m. birmingham graduate recruiter kristy littlewood.Kristy Littlewood – Graduate Recruiter 

For me, FDM’s recruitment teams differ greatly from other companies because we are providing dedicated support and feedback at every stage of the recruitment process we want our consultants to be successful! It is so fulfilling to take a potential candidate through the process and witness them secure a placement. When chatting with candidates, it’s great to see their passion for a career in the technology industry and their ability to discuss relevant technology updates. I always urge applicants to get involved with outside activities to demonstrate their passion. From online coding courses to networking events – show off your skills! 


Neal Hughson – Academy Trainer f.d.m. birmingham academy trainer Neal Hughson.

I’ve been with FDM for just under one year, and each day is as exciting as the last. The courses I deliver match my own interests in Software Development, and seeing trainees gaining and making the most of their new skills makes me happy. Witnessing our trainees enjoy the work they’ve created and being proud of their own achievements is the most rewarding aspect of my role.  


f.d.m. academy trainer Deborah Fletcher.Deborah Fletcher – Academy Trainer 

What first drew me to FDM was the opportunity to work with some of the largest organisations in the world. I previously worked as a business consultant for several years, and I wanted a role in which I could use my skills and experience whilst working with those keen to join the sector. The most rewarding aspect of my role is being able to see our trainees overcome their fears and grow as they train in their chosen programmes.  



Our Birmingham Academy is currently seeking Graduate Technical Consultants. Start your training in either Software Development, Software Testing, IT Service Management or Business Intelligence today. 

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