2020 FDM Consultant of the Year Winners

Paul Brown
02.02.2021 Published: 02.02.21, Modified: 02.02.2021 11:02:26

Join us in congratulating 2020’s Consultant of the Year winners!

“I studied at Lancaster University and graduated with a master’s in Management Science and Marketing Analytics. At FDM, I improved my communication and professional skills but also learned Linux and SQL, which I use almost every day. FDM gave me the chance to gain a technical back-ground in a very short time and as a result, I was placed with a company in the Fintech industry, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

My current role is Support Specialist, which requires me to keep the IT systems in ‘health’ status and running properly 24/7. If there are any problems or issues to debug, I work together with my team towards resolving them. I also support new application go-live projects by providing views and comments from the support team’s perspective and push the project forward. The number one lesson I learned since I started my placement is that teamwork is extremely valuable. We all have different backgrounds and hence, different knowledge base. I have received support from my colleagues from day one and I help them where I can. We all work together to achieve a common goal.”
Nina Du – Support Specialist

“I graduated from the University of Newcastle with a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology. My degree is not the usual path towards a career in Business and IT but my main take-away was the ability to analyse multiple sources at a time and produce a clear and concise decision based on the facts. The training I received at FDM allowed me to build on the skills I already had but also develop others, such as building relationships with stakeholders, gathering requirements and creating a business plan.

The training I received at FDM allowed me to build on the skills I already had but also develop others, such as building relationships with stakeholders, gathering requirements and creating a business plan. I currently work as an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Team Leader with a global bank. My main tasks include reviewing clients across the Middle East and insuring that there are no money laundering or terrorist finance risk factors. My favourite aspect of my role is that every client and every review is different and there is always a new challenge. My number one lesson that I have learnt since I started my career is that every day is a school day – you need to constantly reflect on your experiences and develop yourself further.”
Jack Donnelly – Anti-Money Laundering Team Leader

“I graduated with a bachelor’s in Environmental Science and a Master’s in Environmental Engineering from Purdue University. The FDM Academy provided me with exposure to many different areas of business expertise, which have been extremely helpful during my time onsite. I currently work on the Finance team for an environmentally focused company as a Pricing and Operations Analyst. I am responsible for assisting in pricing services to customers, financial data analysis and modelling, as well as operational support.

At the beginning of the pandemic, challenges including an increased volume of work arose, as the quarantine mandates heavily affected a large portion of our customer base. By communicating with my team, I developed a process to handle COVID related requests, reducing inefficiencies down-stream. As a result, change management became less demanding and I transitioned into the Finance team. What I’ve learned from my experience so far is to be flexible – going into a new role taught me so much and presented me with new and exciting challenges every day.”
Calvin Liu – Pricing and Operations Analyst
United States

“I studied Computer Science at McGill University. My educational background has been very relevant to my role as an Application Developer, but FDM was instrumental in getting me placed in my current position. Between the in-depth technical training, the interview prep, and the extremely helpful account management team, FDM gave me a unique advantage.

FDM provided me with an in-depth refresher on Java programming language. Currently, I work on Java-based software platforms, and have the confidence and knowledge to push the capabilities of those platforms. On top of owning the development and production support for two platforms, my role involves a great mix of client-facing and business aspects. Since I work for an insurance company in the healthcare sector, a lot has changed in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing services to people who were directly affected by it, meant that the stakes were higher, and the timelines shorter, but also highlighted the importance of the work I do.”
Samuel Phillips – Application Developer