A Job Well Done in Singapore

Paul Brown
10.05.2018 Published: 10.05.18, Modified: 10.05.2018 04:05:30

At FDM we work in partnership with over 200 market leading clients around the world. We pride ourselves on creating exciting digital careers for our consultants and providing our clients with the best tech talent out there.

Toronto-Dominion Bank is a partnership that we have formed at FDM globally. We have 110 consultants placed in North America and Singapore across a variety of areas including TD Securities and CBAW (Canadian Banking and Wealth). We began working together in Singapore in early 2016 and over the last two years we have placed 13 consultants with TD Securities.

In 2016, TD Securities wanted to take on a group of QA Automation Analysts for their Test Centre of Excellence in Singapore. Six consultants were selected as part of a bespoke driven programme that FDM delivered. Since starting onsite in July 2016, these consultants have excelled and we are thrilled that the management team at TD Securities wanted their hard work to be recognised:

“Artrillian, Daniel, De Ren, Ming, Nicholas and Yi Ting have been exemplary in their professionalism and the quality of work delivered time and time again. They have assimilated very well into our team and have garnered much positive feedback from our stakeholders, the management team and their peers. Their dedication to go the extra mile to Deliver a Legendary Customer Experience has not gone unnoticed, so we would like to recognise that and commend them for a job well done. Congratulations and keep up the good work.”

The six FDM consultants in Singapore said:

“We have come a long way from the greenhorns we started out with. None of us had an educational foundation in finance and/or economics and yet we took the leap of faith to plunge into the financial industry as IT professionals. Where FDM empowered us with a saturation of IT and financial knowledge, it was the experiences provided to us at TD that brought us to where we are today. To hit the ground running would have been an insurmountable task if not for our managers and colleagues here at TD. They made it possible with their patience and professional attitude towards work, and by guiding and showing us the TD way of providing Legendary Customer Experience in every aspect of our day to day task.”

Well done to Daniel Lim, Artrillian Ng, De Ren Chai, Nicholas Lim, Ming Hwee Ng and Yi Ting Liang.

If you are interested in working with us or joining the FDM Careers Programme in Singapore then visit our website today.