A Multigenerational World

Paul Brown
25.04.2023 Published: 25.04.23, Modified: 25.04.2023 10:04:18

At FDM, we understand the true value of building a diverse intergenerational workforce made up of employees of all age groups, including Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials, and Generation Z.  We recognise that everyone brings a unique skill set to the workplace and that by embracing all demographics, we are increasing productivity and efficiency across our organisation.  

The diverse thinking that comes from an intergenerational workforce offers amazing business benefits, including better problem-solving capabilities, more innovative thinking, and enhanced talent pipelines. It also provides greater opportunities for individuals from different demographics to support each other while exchanging knowledge, ideas, and experience. We believe multigenerational workforces are critical to business success. This is supported by several studies, including the recent Deloitte survey which found that 7 out of 10 organisations think multigenerational workforces are ‘very important for their success’.  

Creating harmony within the workplace 

Age can present various challenges to returning to the world of work. However, nothing that cannot be overcome with the right support and training. At FDM, we recognise that individuals from older generations possess an invaluable and powerful set of transferable skills, including communication, problem solving and critical thinking, as well as relationship and stakeholder management. 

A few of the challenges returners may face include:  

The concept of ageism – Research from the Centre for Ageing Better has found that ‘more than a third (36%) of 50-69 year-olds feel at a disadvantage when applying for jobs due to their age.’ Here at FDM, we are working hard to change this thinking and strongly believe in the power of diversity, as well as the skills that returners bring. It is clear from the recent government initiatives that encourage older individuals to return to the workplace, that we are not alone in this view. Our Returners Programme is one of many schemes that encourage the individual to reflect on the value of their skill set – combatting the negativity of ageism. 

Lack of confidence – there are several reasons for a career break – from caring duties to health issues, redundancies and more. Being out of the game for a while can take a toll on your confidence in your abilities. But with the appropriate support system in place, you’ll have the right level of confidence to successfully re-join the world of work. To get you back into the work mindset, there are many online courses, on platforms such as LinkedIn, which offer free training. We would also recommend you join one of the many returners networks – so that you can connect with likeminded individuals who are in the same position as you. 

Outdated skillset – as tech trends rapidly change, it’s easy to become out of touch with the required skills and knowledge. However, as a returner, we know you have the suitable soft skills and previous experience to upskill effectively and stay up to date with changing tech requirements within the workplace. You have the foundation for a great career. All you need to do is look out for the appropriate training that suits you and can get you back on track within the professional world. 

Balancing personal responsibilities – older workers are more likely to have to balance caring responsibilities with work, some finding themselves in the sandwich generation – dealing with childcare and elderly parents, making their return to the professional world even more challenging.  FDM believe in the importance of a harmonious work-life dynamic, and understand the hurdles associated with returning to work.  Our training programme will give you all the time you need, to ensure all your childcare, or caring support, is organised before you return to the workplace. We also offer continuous support including wellbeing and mentoring initiatives that can assist you with any doubts you may have. 

Ready to get back to work with us? 

If you have previous experience in business or tech and would like to return to the workplace, we will give you the training you need to get restarted – before placing you as an FDM Consultant with one of our industry-leading clients. You’ll gain industry-recognised qualifications, and once you are on client site, you will continue to receive supportfrom our team. All you need is a minimum of a 1-year career break, 5 years of previous commercial experience and be available to work full-time as a consultant. 

Come along to one of our Open Mornings, chat to our returners about their journey and explore how FDM’s fully funded training, support and networking opportunities will lay the path for your future success. 

Kickstart your next career with our Returners Programme