Alumni Stories: Marcus Wichael

Paul Brown
20.07.2021 Published: 20.07.21, Modified: 20.07.2021 20:07:44

After completing his training in our ITSM stream, Marcus excelled on-site and is now a full-time employee with a multinational investment bank, working as an Application Support Analyst. He was able to transition his skills from his experience as an E-5 Sergeant to a fully embedded member of a corporate banking team. 

What was your background before you joined FDM?

I enlisted as an infantryman in the Army National Guard when I was 17 years old, still a senior in high school. Throughout my Army career, I networked with people who came from different cultures and pushed myself to limits I never fathomed. My 11-month deployment gave me the adaptability to conform to change and to succeed in unfamiliar environments.

How did you find FDM and why did you decide to join the program? 

After returning from deployment in 2017, I was struggling to find my next step in life. With three young children at home, I knew that it was time for me to consider a career change. When I was overseas, I began coding and started to contemplate a career in technology. A military buddy of mine introduced me to FDM, and I connected with a recruiter right away who inspired me to make one of the biggest life decisions I have ever made. I joined FDM because they were able to provide me with the tools and resources I needed as a veteran in order to transition to a civilian career in technology, all while I was still in the process of enrolling in college.

Tell us about your placement on client site. What was the best part about your role and what is your favorite project so far?

My on-site experience has been a game changer. My first two years as a consultant were unparalleled compared to any job I have had before. I have gained in-depth experience about banking and technology with vast networking opportunities. The best part of my role is the ability to learn new technologies like Cloud Computing and Containers such as Kubernetes. As an Application Support Analyst for a multinational investment bank, I am part of a team that supports one of the biggest applications in the whole firm, which manages the liquidity assets for all clients and accounts and is viewed by the firm’s CEO!

Would you recommend FDM to other veterans?

FDM gave me the opportunity to meet new people, obtain new skills and become a professional working within a Fortune 500 company, far exceeding the goals I had for myself when I began my civilian career journey five years ago. The training is relevant, and you will utilize and expand this knowledge while on client site. I have met lifelong friends through the FDM Academy with whom I have stayed in touch, even since becoming a full-time employee with the client. I tell many people that FDM is the golden ticket for veterans looking to make a career change.