An Introduction to Events at FDM Canada

Paul Brown
15.11.2018 Published: 15.11.18, Modified: 15.11.2018 15:11:06

At FDM, we make it a top priority to engage with our consultants, staff, and clients through hosting engaging events all year round. With the recent completion of the High Park Events Space at our Toronto Academy and the addition of a dedicated Events Coordinator to the team, FDM Canada is looking forward to hosting many exciting and memorable experiences in the upcoming year.

What to Expect from FDM Events

The goal of the events team is to express the company’s culture and values through internal and external engagements. FDM is made up of young, creative and intellectually curious individuals so naturally, our events reflect those qualities. The events team works hard to organise a variety of different engagements ranging from networking events and game nights to self-development lectures and panel discussions. When it comes to sourcing out venues for FDM events, you can expect a great atmosphere, amazing food and music, as well as an interactive element such as board games, escape rooms or arcades.

Recent Event Highlights

Earlier in the year, FDM’s Toronto Academy hosted the Women in Leadership: Elevating the Voices of Young Talent panel discussion. The panel took place in the High Park Event Space and had a reception of over 80 people. The event featured a panel of highly accomplished female executives who shared their experiences and provided some insight on practical ways that women can advance their careers. The Women in Leadership panel is the first in a series of events that celebrates FDM’s strong dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and throughout the tech industry as a whole.

What to Look Forward to from FDM Events

The Life Essentials series is a collection of events focused on personal-development and increasing the overall wellness of our trainees and staff. The majority of the FDM team are recent graduates, so Life Essentials brings in experts from different fields to teach FDMers skills that are critical to their development and growth. The first instalment featured a financial planning session focused on personal finance and budgeting as well as a basic introduction to investing. The next instalment in the Life Essentials series was a yoga and mindfulness class with Janice Gill, a professional yoga teacher and certified mental health therapist from Pink Circle Wellness.

One of the most exciting aspects of working in the tech industry is the fact that technology is constantly evolving and the opportunity to learn new things is endless. As such, the Toronto Academy has created the Tech Talk event series in which professionals from across different industry segments are invited to speak about their expertise and inspire meaningful discussions about technology. The first Tech Talk event, scheduled for later this month, will centre around Open Source and Inner Source principals as well as exploring how technological innovations impact company culture. Future instalments will involve discussions about Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Once trainees join our Careers Programme, they are offered access to many incredible networking and learning opportunities to participate in. The annual consultant party is a celebration of all the hard work our FDMers put in throughout the year and is a great opportunity to catch up with fellow consultants, trainees, and alumni. Throughout the year, there are also plenty of opportunities to develop your professional skills, whether it is attending guest speaker events, panel discussions, or participating in one of our career workshops. FDM alumni are invited back to join us at our many networking and alumni-specific events to catch up with their FDM family and to let us know about all the great things they have accomplished.

Our Careers Programme introduces a wealth of opportunity and social events.  We have start dates in business and technology courses all year round.