Consultant of the Month – May 2018

Paul Brown
24.05.2018 Published: 24.05.18, Modified: 24.05.2018 12:05:02

Introducing May 2018 Consultant of the Month Winners

Each month, talented FDM consultants on-site are recognised by their line managers for going above and beyond in their role. Congratulations to the May Consultant of the Month winners! Could it be you next month?

Joseph Garcia - FDMJoseph Garcia

Business Systems Analyst, Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, US

“After I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, I decided to join FDM because it provided me with opportunities that seemed out of reach. Since starting at Federal Home Loan Bank of New York last year, I have worked on various major strategic projects and have had the opportunity to truly see the impact of my work on bank operations and technology. The team I work with has been very supportive of my growth and enabled me to achieve this award. I would recommend FDM to anyone looking to take on roles above and beyond their work experience levels. The culture is enthusiastic and ambitious and the trainers and consultants I have trained with have been amazing.”

Harriet Homes - FDMHarriet Homes

Business and Transformation Manager, HSBC, UK

“I initially started my FDM career in the sales team after interviewing with six different people, five of them being women. All of them were driven and successful with clear career paths and having graduated 2 weeks beforehand from Queen Mary, University of London with a degree in English Literature I realised that I wanted to become as confident in myself and my career as they were. In October 2016 I decided to change my career path and joined HSBC. I have had the opportunity to work in different departments and the role I’m in now is by far my favourite, each day is so different and I am constantly being thrown new challenges and opportunities to learn. Within Business Management, I have learnt about man power planning, forecasting, headcount management, resourcing, compliance reporting and real estate planning. Within the Transformation project, I have learnt about how to accurately track spend and cost benefits in order to meet various headcount and cost targets. I would like to say thank you to everyone who contributed to making the decision to select me as consultant of the month, it is a huge honour.”

David Chau - FDMDavid Chau

Trade Support Analyst, RBC, CA

“I decided to join FDM because of their training programme; it is fast-paced enabling you to become a consultant very quickly. The training period was fantastic, being a part of a great class meant that I had the best experience. My experience at RBC has been amazing, my team has been really supportive. The working environment is one of the best; it is easy to interact with other teams which is crucial for a support role. My manager joined via FDM and I know many consultants who have been through the training programme so there is a true family environment in place. I would like to not only thank my colleagues at RBC but all the staff at FDM also, I could not have done this without them. I would absolutely recommend FDM, it provides the means to start a career in IT. If this is something you are interested in, you should give FDM a chance!”

Aaquib Islam - FDMAaquib Islam

Build Analyst, BP, UK

“I graduated from the University of Reading with a first class in both my masters in Information Management and Systems and in Information Technology with an Industrial Year. I joined FDM because I wanted to work with the 200+ prestigious clients they partner with and I wanted to receive IT and Business training from industry experts so I could develop my existing commercial experience further. The best thing about FDM is having the opportunity to work with like-minded people with similar aspirations and goals. I think it’s a great platform for graduates to gain experience. I would like to thank my line manager Monika Svata for nominating me and my account manager Charlotte Williams for her continued support on site.”

Theressa Baby Jose - FDMTheressa Baby Jose

Build Analyst, BP, UK

“During my 3 years with FDM I have had the opportunity to work with several clients in different sectors. This has allowed to me gain valuable experiences, learn new skills, meet new people with a wide range of experiences and become knowledgeable in the field I am currently working in. What made me join FDM is their effective training on the streams they provided as well as their reputable client base. It is great to now be working at BP. Being a global company means I get constant exposure to work with people around the world (US, Malaysia, India). The team is great to work with – they are very supportive and encourage me to expand my skill sets. As a result, I get many opportunities to learn new skills – whether it’s learning about new tools or improving on my soft skills.”

Carlie Lam

Business Analyst, Major Utility Organisation in APAC

“During the FDM training journey, trainers and batch mates in the academy are really supportive. We learnt many soft skills and technical skills required to kick start a career in IT. I met my best friends during the FDM training. Although we no longer have training together, we still meet up every week for dinner or drinks. My manager is very supportive and gave me many opportunities during this on site period. Apart from learning new software, I also learnt to communicate and negotiate with different departments and vendors. Recently, I was sent to Australia for a business event. Being able to participate in the company’s conversations helped me to understand more about the industry and what it values. I’m very grateful for receiving this award and would like to thank my manager and FDM for the recognition.”