A Sneak Peek into a Day in the Life of 4 APAC Female FDM Consultants

Paul Brown
20.03.2023 Published: 20.03.23, Modified: 20.03.2023 10:03:29

With 33% female leaders at FDM, it is our mission to inspire and encourage more women to join the tech world. We are continuously working hard to make a difference in the industry, especially for graduates only starting their careers. In this blog, we hear from some of our consultants across APAC and get a little sneak peek into their day-to-day.

Teresa Martinez (Australia)
Data Engineer

“I joined FDM because they have great opportunities for career growth, especially their training. They are also all about diversity and inclusion, which was very appealing to me. Not only do I owe FDM my actual position, but they have always made me feel supported. They reach out to you regularly to give support on your career journey and during your placement. On top of that there are many social events in which you can network and connect with colleges that are working with different clients of theirs as well as meet new FDM-ers that have just joined.

I now work as a Data Engineer, as part of the Powered Data team. We are currently building the SAP pathway, which involves creating a template that will be used globally to migrate data from on premises SAP platform to their new instances. We implement this with the following process: Identifying data quality issues, performing required transformations, generating payloads, reconciling target and source, and finally presenting the result to business.”  

Edith Li (Hong Kong)
Project Support Analyst

“I believe FDM is a great place to start as a graduate. I started with limited experience and knowledge in Finance and Information Technology. FDM really paved my journey to the Banking and IT industry with their renowned Graduate Training Programme and equipped me with vital hard and soft skills.

Today, my role in settlement and safekeeping pillar is extremely exciting and challenging. I am involved in the entire product life cycle of each of the services we develop. My day-to-day tasks involve communication with different stakeholders, gathering requirements from users, working with products and engineers on solutions, testing and eventually delivering the service to different markets to provide a better customer experience. I have been working in this team for almost 2 years now and have delivered six different services to different markets.”

Davina Natasha Chuang (Singapore)
Software Engineer

“FDM allowed me to gain knowledge, hands-on experience and the courage to try roles out of my comfort zone. I like how FDM is structured around helping those, like me, who have interest in exploring new paths despite current skill sets. I really enjoyed the experience.”

In my role I’m responsible for creating tactical solutions for users to help increase their efficiency in current or new processes. Throughout my placement, I have worked on a series of interesting projects involving Proof of Concept (POC). These allowed me to research various technologies and platforms available which may aid in automation. I really enjoyed the experience and it largely helped to sharpen my mind.” 

Silva Yang (China)
Business Analyst

“My experience at FDM was a great bridge between university and organisation and it helped me practice my learnings in a real commercial environment while providing a better understanding of what the role as a Business Analyst is. In addition, after completing two projects, I also feel that my work experience in different organisations has helped me deeply understand the industries.

The global company I worked for aimed to expand their Global Private Banking presence to six cities and hire 100 more staff by 2022, together with enhancing product and service offerings for premier clients with additional personnel to provide customised services. I actively participated in the Client Migration program and Smart Onboarding project for reorganising the department. I also collected user requirements for different wealth systems and coordinated and conducted UAT for the Tablet System and Financial Products Trading System. In addition, I was also responsible for preparing presentations and making show-and-tell sessions for system users.”

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