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Employee Networks at FDM

Paul Brown
21.05.2020 Published: 21.05.20, Modified: 21.05.2020 12:05:11

What is an employee network?

If you have never been part of, or worked with an organisation with employee networks, they are groups that focus on providing employees with support and opportunities to enhance career development. They also help to contribute to personal growth in the work environment as part of the wider diversity and inclusion strategy.

‘It’s so important to know that the place and the people you spend most of your time with is open, accepting, and eager to support everyone no matter who you are. I joined the networks to connect with others within FDM that are facing challenges with being fully themselves. Being a part of these fantastic communities has allowed me to broaden my support system as well as to connect with others to offer advice and guidance where I can.

Robyn, Sales and Delivery Analyst (Care, LEAD and Pride Network)


What is the aim of an employee network?

We are committed to enabling an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive, be joyful and productive. Our networks play an important part in this ambition by providing a supportive community for discussion and learning. By being part of a network, either because you identify with or want to be an ally of a particular community, you can learn from other members and have a safe space to share your own experiences.

‘Having worked with FDM for 14 years, I believe that employee networks can shape the culture and behaviours of our company. By connecting people from the wider organisation and different departments, the networks are a great hub of ideas, passion and knowledge of people who work there. This helps our employees feel a part of the whole.’

Kasia, Senior Account Manager (Care Network)

In addition to being a safe space to open up and share personal experiences, employee networks are integral to organisations as they become a community of go-to people to consult and advise on policy, staff engagement, and development of new services and products. Essentially, they exist to provide network members with a global community to raise awareness, be curious about colleagues’ lived experiences and champion inclusion. By engaging with our people in this way, we are better able to support each other, celebrate difference and foster innovation as a global organisation.

With my past experience, I am eager to be a part of the Unique network to help create and sustain an inclusive environment for employees with disabilities and mental health conditions and to help us succeed in our roles”

Jeevithan, IT Developer, (Unique Network)

FDM’s current employee networks

What networks can I get involved in?

As of May 2020, our employees have formed six networks at FDM; Care, Elevate, Faith, LEAD, Pride and Unique. Each network has a group page on JAM (our internal communications platform), which gives you access to connect with other members, share experiences, and stay up to date on the latest events.

In the short amount of time our networks have existed they have delivered successful workshops on how to talk about race, the use of gender pronouns, awareness of autism events, as well as fun socials.

‘I chose to be a part of both the Elevate and LEAD networks as these are two areas which interest me personally. Being part of a network, which empowers women and champions gender equality, is a huge honour especially in the context of Technology. Also being a part of LEAD has enabled me to connect with many FDMers from different backgrounds which has positively contributed to the way I work too – it has also allowed me to share my own experience and knowledge of the Indian culture.’

Karisma, Learning & Development Coordinator (Elevate and LEAD Network)

‘As a working Mum I would have loved to have had support from others during my career. Being involved in the Care Network will give me the chance to give back and support others who have been in similar situations to me.’

Lucy Dodd, Head of People (Care Network)

‘Having networks create a safe space of community where individuals can be confident in being themselves and bringing their own unique and individual ideas forward. I believe that networks are one way of helping level out the starting line for individuals, which is why I am pleased to be involved.’

Julia, Account Manager (Elevate Network)

It is up to us all to ensure we contribute to an inclusive environment for everyone. Joining an employee network is a fantastic way to do this. Visit JAM to join a network, connect with other members and stay updated with the latest events.

For more information about any of our communities, contact our Diversity and Inclusion team.

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels