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How to Recover from Setbacks at Work

Paul Brown
22.06.2018 Published: 22.06.18, Modified: 22.06.2018 12:06:27

Throughout your career, you will encounter some setbacks. Even people who excel in their jobs will experience some challenges and roadblocks and these can often act as the best teacher. Maybe the project did not go as planned, a mistake was made at work, or a promotion you were counting on just did not happen. When recovering from any setback, it is important to remember that there are four main steps: building a strong foundation, changing your mindset, taking action and learning from the experience. As an FDM consultant, trainee or staff member you are encouraged to take advantage of all resources at your disposal in order to move forward and continue your career growth.

1) Build a Strong Foundation

Having a strong foundation helps you put obstacles in perspective allows you to be prepared for any situation. A solid foundation is maintained by getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy food, and getting regular exercise, which allows you to better react and recover from unanticipated setbacks. While physical health is important, you should also focus on developing strong emotional health and creating a support network both at work and in your personal life. At FDM, building strong relationships with Trainers and Account Managers as well as your colleagues can help you navigate challenges and work towards solutions.  For example, FDM’s Trainers work to make sure you have the technical and professional skills necessary to react to challenges that may come your way on-site.

2) Change your Mindset

The setbacks you face are often just marks of progress in disguise. The first step is to acknowledge the setback and turn it into a stepping-stone to reach your ultimate goal. This goal could be achieving a big promotion, moving into a different sector of a business or gaining mastery of your current job. Every setback you overcome makes you more ready to face similar challenges again in the future. Rather than ignoring the issue or looking for a quick fix, take time to process the issue and avoid acting in haste, which may lead to choices you may regret. When reflecting on your previous experiences, you will realize that a lot of success and confidence that led to your growth and development came from some of your most challenging experiences.

3) Take Action

After you take your time to process the situation and adjust your mindset, it is time to move forward. Create a plan to minimise the impact of the setback and help you get back on track. An essential component is seeking feedback and advice from your colleagues and mentors. Connecting with the right people who can provide sound guidance and advice is crucial. At FDM, you could take advantage of your Consultant Peer Support Ambassador who may have faced similar setbacks and can provide you with candid feedback and the support and encouragement needed to help you move forward.

4) Learn

Learning and growing from setbacks is the most important part of the process. It is essential to reflect upon the knowledge gained from the experience and work to ensure the same challenges does not happen again. Setbacks can act as stepping-stones and can allow you to grow both personally and professionally. Break down everything that has happened to the smallest components, analyse how the situation was handled and what should be done differently next time. Sharing your challenges with others within your organization can be helpful in creating better teams that are more ready to face future obstacles.

While setbacks and obstacles can derail us, they are also opportunities to look at the problem from a new perspective. They can force us to learn and build confidence in our abilities and judgement.  At FDM, our vast support network is always available to assist whether it is Account Managers conducting mock interviews or providing constructive criticism to help you in your career or Consultant Support providing assistance on-site. Interested in being part of an organization, which provides the support and encouragement to overcome obstacles and grow your career? Apply here!

Featured image credit: Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash